Aha! Roadmaps | Create records from Slack (legacy version)

Aha! Roadmaps is the place where you lay out your strategy, define your roadmap and manage all of the work that goes into realizing your strategic goals. Slack provides a group chat platform for teams, making it easy for everyone to stay in sync and productive through real-time sharing of information. These Slack conversations can often cover everything from new ideas to key deliverable items team members need to complete.

Create Aha! records from slack

The Slack [to Aha!] integration allows teams working in Slack to create Aha! Roadmaps records directly from their Slack channels through simple Slack commands.

In May 2024, we released a new version of this integration with expanded functionality. Upgrading will not disrupt your existing Slack integration users.

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Integration type

  • One-way (Slack to Aha! Roadmaps )

You can enable an additional integration to send Aha! Roadmaps activity to Slack.

Aha! Roadmaps level

  • Account level

Required user permissions: Configuration

Required user permissions: Use integration

Associated records

Use Slack commands to create:

  • Initiatives

  • Releases / Schedules

  • Epics

  • Features / Activities

  • Ideas

  • To-dos


How it works

Workspace owners and contributors can create records directly from Slack using the following commands:

  • /aha initiative [Initiative name]

  • /aha release [Release name]

  • /aha epic [Epic name]

  • /aha feature [Feature name]

  • /aha idea [Idea name]

  • /aha to-do [To-do name] or /aha todo [To-do name] Note: To-dos can be created by any user with Aha! Roadmaps access.

Reviewers are also able to create ideas directly from Slack using the idea command:

  • /aha idea [Idea name]

Typing the /aha command will kick off the record creation flow. For records that need to belong in a specific workspace or release you will subsequently be prompted to select the correct workspace or release to create the record in.



  1. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Account and click on the Integrations+ button and select the Slack [to Aha!] integration. You will need to be an administrator to do this.

  2. Within the integration configuration, simply click the Add to Slack button. This will take you to Slack where you can chose which Slack Team you want to connect to.

  3. You will be redirected back to Aha! Roadmaps where you can click the Enable check box to finalize the setup and turn the integration on.

  4. Once enabled, each user that types /aha in Slack will be asked to authenticate to their Aha! Roadmaps account. Afterwards, they will be able to begin creating records through the various /aha commands.


Upgrade to the new Slack integration

In May 2024, we released a new version of this integration, with the ability to create more record types, custom field support, and the ability to comment on existing records.

If you are using the legacy version of the Slack to Aha! integration, upgrading is simple:

  • Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Account Integrations and create a new Slack to Aha! integration.

  • Once you enable the integration, your Slack users will need to re-authenticate the first time they try to create or comment on an Aha! record from Slack.

The same Slack commands will work — along with several more introduced with the new integration. Type /aha help in Slack for a full list.


Manage your integration

If you have multiple Slack integrations that you need to manage, use the Manage integrations report, located in:

  • Settings ⚙️ Account Integrations for account-level integrations.

  • Settings ⚙️ Workspace Integrations for workspace-level integrations.

Otherwise, if you run into any trouble with the integration process, please reach out to our Customer Success team. They are all product experts, and respond very quickly.



To help you troubleshoot an error, we provide detailed integration logs below the integration's configuration page.


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