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Aha! Roadmaps | Personas

Personas are fictional representations of the very real people who interact with your products. Well-defined personas allow your entire team to empathize with your audience's pain points and better understand their needs.

Like all forms of strategy in Aha!, Roadmaps personas link directly to your work. By linking personas to the Aha! Roadmaps records that comprise your work, you can get a deeper understanding of who you are trying to reach.

Build and customize personas in Aha! Roadmaps to capture key details like descriptions, likes and dislikes, income, and education. You can even add a banner image to give a face to your persona and add it to an Aha! Roadmaps presentation.

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Strategic personas in Aha! Roadmaps

Add a persona

To create a persona, navigate to Strategy Personas. The first time you visit the personas page and click Add persona, an example persona called Paul: Pro Racer will be added. The persona for Paul provides an example of the type of content you can build out on the personas page.

To get started with your own personas, click Add persona on the left side of your screen. Adding a new persona will provide a blank canvas that you can use to begin adding details. To edit your persona, click anywhere on the persona to open the persona's record drawer.

You can adjust the design of your persona by dragging and dropping fields on any of your personas. By default, all fields will be displayed on the card, but you can hide any of them by hovering over a field and clicking the Hide field icon.

As soon as you hide a field, a new dropdown for Hidden fields becomes available. The Hidden fields dropdown allows you to re-enable any fields that you hid. Hidden fields are not deleted, just hidden. So any data you hide will still be available to you.

You can reorder the persona list on the left side by hovering over a persona card then dragging and dropping the persona using the arrows icon. This helps to ensure that your target personas are well prioritized and easily visible.


Add a banner image

You can customize your persona by adding a top banner image. Choose an image that's emblematic of your persona to bring your profile a little closer to life.

  1. Choose the persona that you would like to edit. Then click anywhere on the persona to launch the persona's record drawer.

    • To add an image to a persona that does not currently have an image, click Choose heading image.

    • To replace an existing image, click Replace heading image.

    • To remove an existing image, click the trash icon to delete it.

  2. The image editor allows you to crop, zoom, rotate, and move the image.

    • To adjust the size of your crop window, drag the handles to the desired size. The crop window will maintain a 5:1 ratio so it will fit on your heading.

    • Drag the Zoom slider to increase or decrease the image size.

    • Rotate the image using the Rotate clockwise and Rotate counterclockwise buttons.

    • To adjust the placement of the image, drag the image by clicking on the image outside of the cropping pane.

    • While editing, click Reset to default to restore the image and cropping pane to its original state.

Persona image editor

The ideal image file size for the image editor is rectangular, at least 1000 x 200 pixels, and has a ratio of about 5:1. Supported file types include .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jp2, .bmp, .tif, and .tiff.


Use inherited personas

If your team defines personas at higher levels of your workspace hierarchy, then lower levels of the hierarchy — child workspaces and workspace lines — will inherit those personas by default.

Inherited personas will be marked as such with the Inherited personas section divider. To hide or show inherited personas, click the arrow next to the section divider.


Move, copy, or delete personas

Personas can be copied or moved to other levels of your workspace hierarchy, or they can be deleted. To copy, move, or delete a persona:

  1. Select a persona to open up the details view.

  2. Click on the More details button in the top-right corner of the page, and then select Copy persona, Move persona, or Delete persona.

    • If you are copying a persona, select a workspace or workspace line, enter a new name, and then click Copy.

    • If you are moving a persona, select a workspace or workspace line, and then click Move.

    • If you are deleting a persona, click Delete persona.


Add personas to records

Custom fields can be added to most record types in Aha! Roadmaps, including:

  • Workspace lines

  • Workspaces

  • Goals

  • Initiatives

  • Competitors

  • Releases / Schedules

  • Epics

  • Features / Activities

  • Requirements

Personas have their own custom field type that pre-populates with the list of your defined user personas and allows you to easily associate the personas with the different Aha! Roadmaps data objects. This lets you connect your strategy to your work.

If you want the custom field to be automatically added to all workspaces in your hierarchy, add the field at the workspace line level and every child workspace will automatically inherit it.

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