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Aha! offers a one-way integration with Microsoft Teams that allows you to broadcast updates from Aha! to any channel in Microsoft Teams. You can use this integration to keep the rest of your organization informed on progress and changes made to your roadmap. Updates are formatted as cards within Microsoft Teams. The cards provide an overview of the update and an Aha! link to view the updated record.

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Integration type

  • One-way (Aha! to Microsoft Teams)

Aha! level

  • Account level

  • Workspace level

Required user permissions:

Required user permissions:
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The Microsoft Teams integration can be added at the account level, or you can set it up for a specific workspace.



Two steps are required to set up this integration: Create an incoming webhook in Microsoft Teams and create the integration in Aha! for your account or workspace.

In Microsoft teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and select App.

  2. Choose Incoming Webhook.

  3. Enter your Microsoft Team and click Open.

  4. Select the channel where you want to receive updates and click Set up.

  5. Name your webhook (e.g. "Aha! updates").

  6. Download the Aha! avatar and upload it as the webhook image.

  7. Click Create.

  8. Copy the webhook URL. Click Done.

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In Aha!

  1. Start by adding the integration using the + icon located at Settings ⚙️ → Account or Settings ⚙️ → Workspace → Integrations for your account or workspace.

  2. Enter the URL into the Webhook URL field.

  3. Click the Test connection button. After a moment, you should see a message appear in the Microsoft Teams channel you chose in Step 1.

  4. Customize the integration by selecting the types of updates that you would like sent to your Microsoft Teams channel. You can also choose to filter the updates to only show changes from certain users.

  5. Check the Enable checkbox.

  6. Consider renaming this integration with your Microsoft Teams channel name for easy future reference. Something like, "Microsoft Teams: #Aha! updates". You can do this by clicking the Microsoft Teams text in the heading of the Integrations page.

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Use the integration

Once the integration has been set up, updates from Aha! will begin flowing into the Microsoft Teams channel that you chose during setup. Updates will come through to Microsoft Teams about five minutes after updates in Aha! are made. In Microsoft Teams, click View in Aha! to navigate directly to the Aha! record.

Any text that is added to Aha! records will come through as bolded text and any text that was removed will come through with strikethrough text.

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