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Launch brilliant products

Coordinate cross-functional activities to bring lovable customer experiences to market

Set your marketing strategy

Define your method for delivering new experiences that truly drive business growth. Capture your marketing strategy in Aha! Roadmaps — including product positioning, buyer personas, pricing, and distribution channels. These are the cornerstones to effectively communicating the value of your offering to your audience.

Ensure go-to-market success

Detail a go-to-market plan

Successful launches require product management, marketing, sales, support, engineering, IT, and UX to deliver a Complete Product Experience to your customers. Use Aha! Roadmaps to bring the entire team together and establish a repeatable go-to-market process. Create a calendar to communicate timing and build a launch checklist to make sure nothing gets missed. Visualize deliverables, dates, and dependencies on a Gantt chart and track real-time progress with dashboards.

Bring the team together

Launch with confidence

Prepare your organization for the big day by setting milestones such as feature completion, sales training, and internal announcements. Once the new functionality is live, the next step is to inform your customers. Automatically notify anyone who voted for a related request in your ideas portal and use custom portal pages in Aha! Ideas to publish roadmaps and release notes. Gather qualitative and quantitative feedback from users to analyze value and identify future improvements.

Share the news with customers

We use the Gantt chart to coordinate launch activities with product marketing. With five products releasing major updates at the same time every six months, there are a lot of details to manage. Aha! Roadmaps helps us stay on top of who needs to do what and when — so we can meet our launch dates.

Peter Fisher

Product director financial services, BAE Systems

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Top capabilities for optimizing your go-to-market approach

Start with your marketing strategy

Align your team around your go-to-market strategy. Define customer personas, craft product positioning, and establish your goals for launch.

Standardize your launch process

Build release templates for repeatable success. Set default phases, milestones, durations, dependencies, and to-dos so everyone follows the same approach.

Create a detailed plan

Use powerful visualizations such as calendar views and Gantt charts to coordinate your cross-functional go-to-market plans in one place.

Collaborate across teams

Set to-dos to clarify who needs to do what — and when. Add comments and @mention teammates to ask questions and share updates. Automatic notifications keep everyone informed of changes.

Monitor delivery progress

Create a launch dashboard to monitor progress. Include live views of roadmaps and reports so everyone can see how their work contributes to the launch.

Communicate what's new

Share product announcements through your ideas portal. Create a note and publish it as a custom portal page to keep customers informed of what is new.

Gather customer feedback

Find out what users think of new functionality. Launch a feedback poll in your ideas portal or use the in-app feedback widget that comes with Aha! Ideas Advanced.

Analyze product value

Assess the impact of your launch. Track customer usage and approval so you can report on the actual product value that was delivered based on your initial score.

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