Note: This article refers to releases and features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see "schedules" and “activities" in your workspace.

Aha! Roadmaps | How promoted record status drives idea status

When you promote an idea to another record type (initiative, epic, feature, or requirement), idea itself will move to the first status in the In progress status category on the ideas portal automatically.

Idea status changes are driven from three actions:

  • When you promote a new idea to an initiative, epic, feature, or requirement

  • When you complete a promoted record that is linked to an idea

  • When you manually change the status of that idea

Promoting an idea to a new record causes the status of that idea to change to the first idea status that's in the category In progress. If you customize the default ideas workflow, you need at least one status in the category of In progress for this automation to work.


  • If you are using a fixed workflow for ideas, check that the first status in your workflow has a status transition configured to the first status in your In Progress status category. This ensures that records can be promoted and change in status as expected.

  • Linking an idea to an existing record does not automate a status change, so you must manually change the status if you wish to. Customers in the Enterprise+ plan can automate more status changes, as well as create other rules with automation.

When you change a record's status to Shipped, it will change the status of the idea to the first status that is in the status category of Shipped.

Note: By default, the Shipped record category is in the status category of Shipped. If you change your statuses, ensure that at least one is the category of Shipped to ensure this automation is available.

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