Aha! Ideas | Analyze ideas with AI (Advanced plan)

Customer feedback is essential to understanding what they want to see from you. Once you have gathered the customer feedback you need to build your next feature, analyzing it is a crucial, but lengthy process.

If you are an Aha! Ideas Advanced plan subscriber, you can use the AI assistant to kick-start your research and quickly analyze ideas you plan to implement. AI idea analysis empowers you with essential insights such as potential revenue and top use cases — so you can quickly identify what users need and create real business value.

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The AI assistant sifts through the ideas you have linked to your Research tab. You will find it in the Ideas section of the Research tab when you have ideas linked here. The AI assistant uses these ideas' titles, descriptions, portal comments, merged ideas, and proxy votes to generate a structured analysis in a workspace note. This note will be linked in the Concepts section of the Research tab automatically.

Any user with workspace contributor permissions can use the AI idea analysis tool — and anyone with access to a workspace's documents can view the AI-generated analysis note.

Your data is not used to train the AI model.


Enable AI analysis

If you already disabled AI features in your Aha! account, AI idea analysis will be disabled as well. Otherwise, it will be enabled by default. If you are an account administrator, you can disable it for all users in your account in your account settings. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Account Security and single sign-on AI control to enable or disable AI analysis of ideas. Disabling AI idea analysis for your account removes the Analyze with AI option from the Ideas section of your Research tab and removes the Exploration option from the Ideas nav button.


Analyze with AI

To run ideas analysis, start by linking or merging ideas from an idea's Research tab. Then click the Analyze with AI button.

The AI assistant will begin its analysis. Once this is complete, you will see a new note linked in the Concepts section of your Research tab. You can also find the note in the Research folder within your workspace documents. By default, its title will be Idea analysis: [idea name].


Read the results

The AI idea analysis is comprised of three sections, each offering different insights into customer feedback.


Use insights from the Summary section for a deeper understanding of the customers — and revenue value — behind your ideas.

This section includes an AI-drafted overview of the ideas included in the analysis, followed by links to the ideas, the number of votes and proxy votes those ideas received, and total opportunity revenue. Although the summary is drafted by the AI assistant, the data you will find in the summary table is actual ideas data from your account and not AI-generated.

The Summary section will include an Organizations subsection, providing insights such as total organization revenue, the top three organizations with the highest revenue, and the top three segments associated with the ideas.

Use cases

Use insights from the Use cases section for a deeper understanding of how customers would use your feature.

This section provides you with a list of use cases AI identified in your ideas and an AI-drafted description of each of them.

AI uses portal comments and proxy votes to generate the Use cases section.


Use insights from the Quotes section for an even deeper understanding of the use cases behind your ideas — by seeing what customers actually said.

This section provides you with relevant customer quotes for each use case from the section above. You will see a table for each use case that displays the quote, the name of the person who provided the quote, their organization and revenue, the date attributed to the quote, and a link to the idea itself — so you can see these details in context.

AI identifies relevant comments and proxy votes to generate the Quotes section, but the actual quotes come directly from customer comments and proxy votes.


Next steps

AI automatically generates the analysis, meaning it might include inaccurate information. Please carefully review the results for errors. You can edit the generated note as needed. Share the note with colleagues to align on what customers need.

For more insights:

  • Run the idea analysis multiple times to get slightly different results.

  • Follow your curiosity — dive into specific insights the AI assistant uncovered.

  • Uncover larger themes with the AI idea exploration tool.


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