Aha! Whiteboards | Progress bars

Add progress bars below a timeline to represent work you want to accomplish. Use them to represent roadmap records, themes, or events. Then edit their fill to show progress on those work items.

a whiteboard with a timeline and progress bars added

Select the progress object from the Advanced section of the Shapes menu. Then click your whiteboard to add the progress bar. Use the toolbar to customize your progress bar:

  • Change the progress bar's color, font color, style, text location, and text alignment from its toolbar.

  • Double-click the progress bar to edit text.

  • Drag the handle below the progress bar to adjust its fill.

  • Add an additional progress bar connected by an arrow by clicking the blue dot at either end of the bar. This can help you show a relationship — like a next step or a dependency — between the items the bars represent.

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