Product operations

Product operations

Reach product excellence

Establish product standards and best practices to ensure repeatable success

Create a single source of truth

Operationalize how you plan and build products. Set standardized and repeatable processes to keep everyone focused on delivering the most product value. Of course, putting the right workflow tools in place is also critical to your success. The Aha! suite provides everything you need to streamline your product development process — including strategic planning and roadmapping software, customer feedback solutions, digital whiteboards, and agile development tools.

Unify your product development team

Standardize workflows

Every organization builds products differently. Tailor nearly every aspect of Aha! software — including terminology, workflow statuses, and custom fields — to suit your needs. Then, set product development standards to ensure everyone follows the same approach. Formalize your idea management process and implement scorecards for objective feature prioritization. Craft templates for roadmaps, releases, and reports, and document best practices to enable teammates to do their best work. Receive immersive training through Aha! Academy to grow your organization's product management expertise and quickly onboard new teams.

Establish product development best practices

Increase transparency

The best products come from teams that work closely together. Aha! software instills a culture of visibility and collaboration that encourages teammates to proactively exchange ideas, share updates, and get answers. The ability to consolidate customer feedback gives everyone a deep understanding of user needs. And sophisticated planning functionality — including capacity planning, dependency tracking, and risk management — keeps the team moving forward together. Built-in automation ensures that statuses stay in sync, roadmaps reflect the latest progress, and the team is notified of updates as it focuses on delivering results.

Collaborate in real time

Monitor product KPIs

Report on everything product development. Aha! software comes with an analytics engine — so you can bring data into every aspect of your decision-making. Analyze progress in the same way across all products using customizable report templates. A variety of list reports, pivot tables, and charts make it easy to visualize how you are doing against strategic initiatives, customer feedback trends, release status, and more. Create dashboards to give executive leaders the insights they need to assess business impact. Gain insights into team performance so you can spot workflow issues and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

Operationalize product reporting

Aha! creates visibility across our entire product portfolio. This allows us to align roadmaps, identify dependencies, and establish more consistent product management processes overall.

Chris Brandt

Software manager, Boise Cascade

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Top capabilities for product operations

Establish consistent processes

Enact standard best practices and incorporate automation across your organization so you can scale efficiently. Streamline your initial setup for product teams with templates.

Collaborate collectively

Facilitate collaboration with visual whiteboards. Teams can brainstorm new product ideas or map out workflows to find areas for improvement. Comments, to-dos, approvals, and work requests keep everyone accountable.

Capture customer insights

Efficiently capture customer feedback with ideas portals. View popular ideas, track trends, and estimate value — providing teams with the data they need to build lovable products.

Define success

Make strategy apparent throughout the roadmap by linking features to initiatives and goals. Cultivate confidence in the roadmap with detailed capacity planning.

Structure releases

Ensure nothing is missed with release templates that define critical phases and milestones. Monitor dependencies and refine workflows for continuous improvements.

Ingest the details

Acquire critical information with flexible data fields: Make them required, optional, or create your own. Integrate with other tools in your tech stack to get a holistic view of product development data.

Present roadmaps

Create interactive roadmaps. Select the desired scope — product, product line, or organizationwide — then share them in dynamic reports, presentations, and dashboards.

Educate new hires

Send new product managers to Aha! Academy to learn how to build lovable products from industry experts. They will gain in-depth knowledge of Aha! and improve their product development skills.

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