Prioritize features with priority limits

Prioritize product features

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Define top priorities based on value

Determine which features will deliver the greatest impact and align the team around upcoming work

Objectively estimate the value of future work with a custom scorecard
Set the rank order of ideas and features to focus on what matters
Establish a clear set of priorities to align around what to build next
Score features based on value with the product value scorecard in Aha! Roadmaps

Strive for lovability

Create a custom scorecard to estimate the value of new functionality. Use a consistent set of metrics — such as population, need, strategy, effort, and confidence — to reflect your prioritization framework. This helps you make objective decisions about what to build next and keeps the team focused on delivering what customers actually need.

Quickly rank ideas

Streamline your idea review process. The ideas prioritization page is ideal for scoring incoming requests in one view. Fill in the details based on what you know. Then, sort by score to bring the highest-value ideas to the top. Promote the top-ranking ones that align with your overall product strategy directly to the roadmap.

Features board with parking lot sort menu in Aha! Roadmaps

Refine your backlog

Organize features that have yet to be prioritized into parking lots. Group them by category and rank based on creation date, type, or score. Define the requirements for each feature, working with engineering to get an initial estimate of the effort involved. This gives you the information you need to effectively weigh your options.

Set priority limits

Determine what to implement. Filter the features prioritization page by different criteria — such as initiative, release, or status — to narrow the list. Then, sort by score. Add priority limit lines to set expectations about how much work the team can deliver and decide which features are must-haves and which can wait.

Reach consensus

Share your prioritized list to get everyone aligned. Discuss trade-offs — adjusting the order of features as you go. You can even create multiple versions of the list to evaluate priorities through different lenses. This drives meaningful conversations about the functionality that will be most valuable to customers and the business.

Sync with engineering

Once you set rankings, prepare the top features for release. Seamless integrations with development tools — such as Jira, Azure DevOps, and Aha! Develop — make it easy to communicate priorities to engineering. Now, the team can move forward together.