Build out product documentation

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Create a shared knowledge base

Capture meeting agendas, customer interviews, retrospectives, and brainstorming sessions in an internal wiki


Create meeting agendas, record notes from discussions, and capture research


Fuel creative thinking and develop raw concepts with virtual whiteboards


Add structure to your documents so you can group related information

Communicate with clarity

Notes are perfect for documenting meeting agendas, customer research, interview notes, and more. Use templates to capture details consistently every time. Format content the way you want with text, tables, callout boxes, and images. Embed whiteboards and live views of roadmaps to tell the full story.

Whiteboard key concepts

Craft visuals on the fly — including diagrams, models, and sketches. Whiteboards provide a creative space for teams to ideate and develop early-stage concepts. Start with a blank canvas or choose a beautiful template. When it is time to move forward, convert text such as sticky notes into actionable roadmap items.

Collaborate live

Work alongside teammates in real time to brainstorm new ideas and refine concepts. Visual indicators make it easy to see who is making updates — so you can smoothly collaborate to move work forward. Need an outside perspective? Send out a link to your document to gain input from customers, partners, or consultants.

Capture your thoughts

Sometimes you need to jot down ideas or details for yourself. From meeting agendas to new feature sketches, personal notes and whiteboards are perfect for capturing work that is only relevant to you. When you are ready for others to weigh in, share a link or move notes and whiteboards to your team’s workspace to make them visible to others.