Create a visual roadmap

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Build a knowledge base

Document important information in notes


Record notes from meetings and assign action items as to-dos for follow-up


Capture background information on your initiatives and other focus areas


Add structure to your notes so you can group and nest related information

Use a template

Capture the right details in a consistent way every time. You can create your own custom template or choose from a set of preformatted examples. This gives the team a ready-to-use space for meeting agendas, brainstorming sessions, sprint retrospectives, and more. You can spend less time formatting documents and more time focusing on the actual content.

More than just text

Communicate with exceptional clarity. Write and edit text, add tables, and embed images that help tell your story. You can also include a live view of roadmaps and reports to showcase your plans. Add visual cues — such as a table of contents, callout boxes, and text labels — to help people quickly find the information they need.

Collaborate live

No more taking turns. Work alongside your teammates to add and edit content simultaneously. Inline indicators make it easy to see who is updating the text — so you can smoothly collaborate to move work forward. Every change is saved automatically. You can track changes and revert back to past versions if you need to as well.

Bring others in

Share your thoughts on the work and make faster decisions. Assign to-dos and @mention teammates to request their input. Select a specific section of text, add a comment, and receive replies in one place. Once you have finalized the details, add your note to a presentation or publish it as a webpage or PDF document for others to view.

Note your thoughts

Sometimes you need to jot down ideas or details for yourself. From writing down the topics you want to discuss in a meeting to researching a market opportunity, personal notes are perfect for capturing work that is only relevant to you. When you are ready to share your brilliant thoughts, move the note to your team’s workspace to make it visible to others.