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Create digital whiteboards

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Illustrate concepts and plan early-stage work

Bring whiteboarding and roadmapping together — so you can move seamlessly from ideation to structured planning

Capture and refine product concepts in a creative space
Gather input from the team and key stakeholders in real time or asynchronously
Turn your best thoughts into actionable initiatives, ideas, and features
Build a flow chart in whiteboards

Start fresh

Whiteboards are ideal for brainstorming new product approaches, mapping out user flows, and so much more. That is why Aha! Roadmaps includes all of the capabilities in Aha! Whiteboards Essentials. Choose from more than 100 guided templates (complete with expert advice) to get going fast. Or work from a blank canvas to let your creativity flow.

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Visualize bold concepts

Explore opportunities. Whether you are conducting a SWOT analysis, scoping out a new business model, or visualizing the customer journey, get the motivation you need to think through complex problems and come up with innovative solutions. Then, refine concepts with others to land on the best approach.

Create beautiful designs

Illustrate the desired user experience. Powerful drawing functionality provides everything you need to create diagrams and flowcharts. Need to quickly show a UI update? Add an image to a whiteboard — such as a screenshot or mockup — and use the clip tool to make edits.

Expand team spirit

Building lovable software takes cooperation. Shared whiteboards are perfect for bringing folks together — including teammates, partners, and even customers — so you can incorporate the best thinking into the product development process. Host a live brainstorming session or invite others to vote for and provide feedback on new concepts.

Convert to features from whiteboard objects

Take action

Move effortlessly from ideation to structured planning. Take any text-based object on a whiteboard and convert it into an initiative, idea, epic, or feature. A link to the new work item shows up on the whiteboard shape, making it easy to open and edit so you can move forward.

Visualize existing plans

Pull work that is already defined in Aha! Roadmaps into a whiteboard — moving items around freely as you determine the best approach. Compare the relative importance of features on a 2x2 matrix or use a timeline to think through release dates. Update the implementation details of the underlying work when you are ready to commit.