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Collaborate with others in real time

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Work together seamlessly

Empower everyone on the team to innovate and refine concepts

Capture raw concepts and assign to-dos to request input from the team
Wok side-by-side to fine-tune and build on each other's suggestions
Capture feedback via inline comments on notes and whiteboards
Collaborate - streamline review cycles - Notebooks

Streamline review cycles

Establish a clear workflow for gathering feedback. When you are ready for input, assign to-dos — giving teammates context about what you need and when. This helps you manage reviews and get the approvals you need to move ahead.

Collaboration - Refine concepts together - Notebooks

Refine concepts together

Work together in real time or asynchronously. Collaborative note and whiteboard editing capabilities empower everyone to participate — regardless of location or time zone. Changes are automatically saved so you never lose valuable suggestions.

Full Size - Collaboration-Align on the best approach

Align on the best approach

Capture feedback from the broader team using built-in collaboration tools — like sticky notes, annotations, live reactions, and voting. Add and reply to inline comments on notes and whiteboards to engage in further discussion and address feedback.

Full Size - Collaboration-Maximize team productivity

Maximize team productivity

Keep working sessions focused. Improve meetings by setting an agenda in advance to establish clear goals — taking notes on action items, decisions, and open questions as you go. Facilitate live brainstorms using virtual whiteboards for rapid ideation.