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Knowledge - Diagrams - H2

Build models and process flows

Complement your written documentation with visual diagrams to enhance overall understanding

Use intuitive drawing functionality to convey complex product concepts
Visualize data flows to make technical information easier to understand
Show the sequence of steps needed to deploy and configure your product
Knowledge - Diagrams - Communicate visually

Communicate visually

Bring visual thinking into your documentation. Use our built-in whiteboard capabilities to create any type of diagram — so you can clearly communicate your product's functionality and use cases. Start from a template or build your own using shapes, frames, and connectors.

Knowledge - Diagrams - Understand system arch

Understand system architecture

Create a blueprint of your product's architecture. Show the various components and how they interact to make the inner workings easier to grasp. This is an important tactic to help new team members get started.

Knowledge - Diagram - Create flowcharts

Create flowcharts

Build training guides to help customer support teams and users successfully implement and use your product. Model step-by-step processes, laying out the sequence of activities, decision points, and possible outcomes to help your customers get a great start.

Knowledge - Diagram - Work together

Work together

Collaborate on diagrams simultaneously. Invite as many people as you want to your whiteboard to work through the details and validate technical accuracy. Use annotation shapes to draw attention to specific areas that require further input, and capture feedback via inline comments.