Streamline document creation

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Knowledge - Collaborate - H2

Work together seamlessly

Empower the team to create and update documents in one place

Encourage teammates and stakeholders to collaborate
Edit content simultaneously and build on one another's suggestions
Manage approvals and capture feedback via inline comments
Knowledge - Collaborate - Create a central hub

Create a central hub

Add as many workspaces as you need for different products and teams to manage their documentation. Create folders to establish a document hierarchy so colleagues can quickly add new information and update existing documents.

Knowledge - Collaboration - Refine documents together

Refine documents together

Work together in real time or asynchronously. A collaborative text editor ensures everyone can participate — regardless of location or time zone. Add and reply to inline comments to get aligned before publishing. Changes automatically save so you never lose valuable work.

Knowledge - Collaborate - Accelerate production cycles

Accelerate production cycles

Establish clear processes and tasks for the people involved in document creation. To-dos keep everyone accountable — streamlining approvals and ensuring your documentation is accurate and meets your writing guidelines.

Knowledge - Collaborate - Include reviewers

Include reviewers

Use Aha! Knowledge as an integrated part of Aha! Roadmaps — so everyone involved in creating lovable documentation can participate. Reviewers can edit documents to play a key role in the process. Or add colleagues as Aha! Knowledge Advanced users so they can create their own documents.