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Knowledge - AI powered - Enjoy writing

Enjoy writing

Optimize your content creation process with AI. Brainstorm titles, summarize internal notes, and build outlines right in the Aha! Knowledge text editor. Spend less energy writing first drafts and refining your work.

Knowledge - AI powered - Engage readers

Engage readers

Quickly generate a range of content, from how-to articles to product announcements. Describe what you are writing, highlight key points, and specify the tone — the AI writing assistant takes it from there, saving you valuable time. And it will even add creative flourish to your work.

Knowledge - AI powered - Summarize key takeaways

Summarize key takeaways

The AI writing assistant can condense lengthy, internally focused notes into key information for colleagues and customers. Simply drop in your existing content and provide a prompt. In moments, AI delivers a draft synopsis you can use and enhance.

Knowledge - AI - Showcase product releases

Showcase product releases

Use Aha! Knowledge with Aha! Roadmaps to generate AI-powered release notes. Watch as AI summarizes your existing feature descriptions and highlights customer benefits. Then, quickly share what is new with your customers as a page in your product knowledge base.