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Document everything

Use an advanced text editor with an AI assistant to create and revise your product documentation

Draft high-quality content and style it with rich formatting options
Work with colleagues to co-create content live or asynchronously
Access version history to track edits and easily restore prior versions
Knowledge - Documents - Work smarter with AI

Work smarter with AI

Quickly draft documents using our AI writing assistant. Enter prompts to describe what you are writing, the key points you want to include, and the tone. Or choose from a list of pre-built examples. Then, sit back and let AI do the work for you.

Knowledge - Documents - Structure text with rich formatting

Structure text with rich formatting

Style content exactly how you want. Choose a font size and color that is consistent with your brand. Add headers, tables, callout boxes, and more to organize information in a compelling way. Use our built-in whiteboard capabilities to represent data flows, system architectures, and more.

Knowledge - Documents - Co-author in real time

Co-author in real time

Work on new documents and update existing ones together. Use pre-defined templates to capture information in a consistent way. A collaborative text editor makes it easy for the team to create content together and provide feedback through in-line comments.

Knowledge - Documents - Track version history

Track version history

Access a full revision history of your documents. Versions are organized by date and time, making it easy to see exactly who changed what and when. Instantly revert to previous versions — so you never need to worry about accidental overwriting.