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Knowledge - Product KB - H2

Create a self-serve knowledge base

Give customers and colleagues one place to access everything they need to successfully use your product

Create a beautiful product knowledge site in a couple of clicks
Include a title, add your company logo, and set a theme color
Set up private or public sites to control who can access your information
Knowledge - Product KB - Launch unlimited

Launch unlimited sites

Create as many public or private knowledge bases as you need for different products and audiences. Give each one a title and theme color, select your publishing workflow, and start adding documents to your site. When you are done, simply create a link and share it.

Knowledge - Product KB - Tailor the look

Tailor the look

Make your knowledge base feel like a natural extension of your company. Customize the homepage with a welcome message and image. Include your logo and favicon to match your company's branding. Add buttons and links to make important resources easy for your community to access.

Knowledge - Product KB - Draft with AI

Draft with AI

Provide a simple, yet powerful knowledge base experience. Streamlined documentation creation — supported by AI — makes it easy to publish new documents and update existing ones. This keeps your product information up to date.

Knowledge - Product KB - Add diagrams

Add diagrams

Give customer-facing teams such as sales and support the tools they need to drive product adoption. From providing process flows to deployment instructions and troubleshooting tips, include visual diagrams to help your colleagues to excel.

Knowledge - Product KB - Make info easy to find

Find information fast

Help end users get the most value out of the functionality you have built. Folders keep information organized and professional-looking content helps your community get the answers it needs, fast. Your customers will love how intuitive it is to access everything they need to configure your product, understand use cases, and solve common problems.