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Build an internal product wiki

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Expand knowledge sharing

Consolidate all of your product information in a central hub so everyone can quickly access the resources they need

Create and organize your product information in one place
Establish best practices for managing documents with templates, and to-dos
Control access with user permissions and audit changes to documents
Knowledge - Internal wiki - Bring everything together

Bring everything together

Add unlimited workspaces for different products and teams. Quickly import documents from other tools and establish a document hierarchy — neatly organizing everything into folders. You can even link out to documents stored in other applications for one-stop access.

Knowledge - Internal wiki - Create better documentation

Create better documentation

Capture information in the format that makes the most sense. Use text-based notes for content such as research summaries, product requirements, and meeting notes. Built-in whiteboard capabilities are ideal for visually representing strategic plans, architectures, and data flows.

Knowledge - Internal Wiki - Standardize with templates

Standardize with templates

Document product information in a consistent way. Get started fast with more than 100 expertly crafted templates. Or create your own templates and share them across teams. This ensures everyone takes the same approach when creating important documentation.

Knowledge - Internal wiki - Manage user access

Manage user access

Make sure your colleagues have the right permissions to contribute to your wiki. Co-author articles and discuss details using inline comments. Assign to-dos to request accuracy reviews from subject matter experts and make updates. Enable guest access to share information with stakeholders outside of your account.