Schedule product releases

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Capture product plans and manage releases

Streamline release management with visual plans that make it easy to track dates, dependencies, and to-dos

Identify exactly what needs to be done and when so you can launch on target
Stay on top of dates and dependencies to keep cross-functional teams in sync
Schedules change. Have confidence that the team will be notified automatically
A Gantt chart in Aha! Roadmaps with a release, phases, milestones, and features.

Build a Gantt

Bring your brilliant plans to life. Create a Gantt chart to capture every milestone, date, and dependency. A Gantt is ideal for coordinating major cross-functional efforts — such as a product launch or release. Visualize the time frame for completing a project and track the status of each task in real time to keep the team on track.

Create a schedule template

Standardize delivery

Create a repeatable launch process. Templates ensure that everyone follows the same approach to release planning. Specify a default set of phases, milestones, durations, dependencies, and to-dos for each type of release. This helps the broader team understand who needs to do what and when — so you can deliver flawlessly every time.

Dependency map

Set dependencies

No one wants to block or be blocked. But it can happen because work is often interrelated. Set dependencies between work items and monitor status to keep your plans on track. An interactive dependency map helps you visualize how one feature impacts another. Or create a dependency report to visualize complex relationships across multiple products in one view.

The features board with the release capacity modal in Aha! Roadmaps

Manage capacity

Resolve resourcing issues before they impact your plans. Set the overall capacity for a release and estimate the effort required to deliver each feature. The capacity report instantly shows each teammate's workload and whether they are under or overcapacity. Reschedule or reassign work based on availability — so the team can move forward in an optimal way.

Monitor progress

Immediately see if your release is on track. Use the release retrospective report to understand what the team has accomplished and what is left to be done. Analyze the impact of scope changes and adjust your plans as needed. Conduct a post-launch retrospective to inform future planning.

Feature due date calendar

Create a calendar

Track important dates in a monthly view. The calendar report is perfect for scheduling activities — such as product launches and marketing campaigns — and keeping everyone aligned on the timing. You can also visualize your own work and to-dos on a calendar, giving you a complete picture of what you need to get done each day.