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All Aha! Roadmaps plans include all of the functionality in Aha! Ideas Essentials for crowdsourcing feedback and Aha! Notebooks Advanced for creating beautiful notes and whiteboards — at no additional cost

Roadmaps - Add on - E+

Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise+

Unlock top-tier support and all features

Receive concierge-level support with custom onboarding and ongoing check-ins from our most knowledgeable product experts. Use our full feature set to deliver even more customer and business value.

  • Get personalized account services

  • Optimize capacity across teams

  • Automate tasks and assign work requests

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Aha! Roadmaps - Add-on Notebooks Advanced

Aha! Notebooks Advanced

Bring the team together

You already get full access to notes and whiteboards as part of your Aha! Roadmaps plan. Add Aha! Notebooks Advanced users to your account so the broader team can access your product information and create new documents — in one place.

  • Empower colleagues to share bold concepts

  • Get feedback and drive stakeholder alignment

  • Go from brainstorming to roadmap plans

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Aha! Roadmaps - Add-on Develop Advanced

Aha! Develop Advanced

Sync product and engineering workflows

Create a fully integrated product development environment that links strategy to delivery. Align on priorities, sync estimates, and seamlessly report on progress to deliver more product value.

  • Give engineering full visibility into your roadmap

  • Accurately set engineering capacity

  • Choose your agile methodology

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Aha! Roadmaps - Add-on - Academy

Aha! Academy

Become an Aha! pro and grow your career

Join a public or private Aha! Roadmaps training course led by skilled instructors. Learn through real-world examples and inspiring peer discussions. Gain skills and expand your knowledge of both Aha! software and product management.

  • Engage in an immersive two-day class

  • Set up your organization for lasting success

  • Receive an Aha! Roadmaps certification

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