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All Aha! Roadmaps plans include everything in Aha! Ideas Essentials, Aha! Whiteboards Essentials, and Aha! Knowledge Essentials — at no additional cost — to provide a complete product management solution


Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise+

Unlock top-tier support and all features

Receive concierge-level support with custom onboarding and ongoing check-ins from our most knowledgeable product experts. Use our full feature set to deliver even more customer and business value.

  • Get personalized account services

  • Optimize capacity across teams

  • Automate tasks and assign work requests

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Aha! Knowledge Hero dashboard

Aha! Knowledge Advanced

Publish product information

Create a beautiful product knowledge site. Give customers and colleagues access to the resources needed to configure your product, understand use cases, and solve common problems — in one place.

  • Create self-serve product knowledge bases

  • Brand each site with your logo and colors

  • Manage how documents are published

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Aha! Develop Advanced

Sync product and engineering workflows

Create a fully integrated product development environment that links strategy to delivery. Align on priorities, sync estimates, and seamlessly report on progress to deliver more product value.

  • Give engineering full visibility into your roadmap

  • Accurately set engineering capacity

  • Choose your agile methodology

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Aha! Academy

Become an Aha! pro and grow your career

Join a public or private Aha! Roadmaps training course led by skilled instructors. Learn through real-world examples and inspiring peer discussions. Gain skills and expand your knowledge of both Aha! software and product management.

  • Engage in an immersive two-day class

  • Set up your organization for lasting success

  • Receive an Aha! Roadmaps certification

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