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Bring product and engineering closer together

Set plans in Aha! Roadmaps and manage work in Aha! Develop — empowering both teams to be their best

Seamlessly collaborate on priorities, sync estimates, and integrate workflows
Increase transparency as work moves through the product development process
Track progress against your roadmap and showcase the product value delivered
See how engineering work connects to strategic goals

Align on the big picture

Give engineering visibility into the product roadmap — so you can work together to set ambitious plans. Link features to goals and initiatives to ensure everyone understands the "why" behind the work. Then, review roadmap-driven and technical priorities side by side to establish a unified backlog.

Capacity planning report - Individual team estimates

Set realistic dates

Balance the needs of the business with engineering capacity. Estimate effort at different stages of the planning process to ensure your roadmap is realistic. Visualize the team's workload in powerful capacity reports. Then, adjust the timing or scope of releases based on team availability and velocity.

We do our strategic planning in Aha! Roadmaps and manage the implementation of new features in Aha! Develop. Now, all of our teams can work together in one centralized system — giving us unparalleled visibility.

Jennifer Lange

Product owner, Harris School Solutions

Roadmaps - Features board - see dev details on cards

Use your methodology

Gain clarity into how work gets done. Engineers can configure Aha! Develop to use the agile methodology of their choice — including scrum, kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Product managers can view information about program increment (PI) and sprint plans right in Aha! Roadmaps and coordinate the implementation details.

Roadmaps - Features board - Delivery risks

Highlight progress

Stay in sync as work gets underway. Monitor engineering status, share updates with comments, and assign to-dos to streamline review cycles. Get alerted to delivery risks early so you can work together to solve issues. Report on information in Aha! Develop to get a clear picture of progress and highlight value delivered.

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