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Enjoy an exceptional level of account services and access the most sophisticated features Aha! Roadmaps has to offer with the Enterprise+ plan

Receive personalized account services and concierge support to ensure your success
Assess capacity and availability across teams for super accurate roadmapping
Leverage workspace templates and automations to streamline teamwork

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Enterprise+ concierge

Get unrivaled support

Work with our Product Concierge team to achieve your goals. From personalized account services to custom onboarding programs and ongoing check-ins, you will benefit from our proven framework for success. Our most experienced product experts will help you deliver more value to your customers.

View individual estimates by teams

Build achievable plans

Accurately plan capacity across teams. Capture each team's work schedule and velocity. Then, estimate the effort needed to do the actual work. Analyze alternate scenarios, reallocating and rescheduling work to fine-tune your approach. This helps you balance the needs of the business with the team's workload — so you can successfully deliver your roadmap.

A major part of our success is the Aha! Product Concierge team. Since everyone is a former product manager, it feels like we are working with an extension of our own team.

Jennifer Lange

Product owner, Harris School Solutions

Initiative details with custom worksheet

Perform powerful data analysis

Create custom tables to capture and manage OKRs, risk details, change logs, and more. Use custom worksheets to manage financial and performance data. Run calculations using advanced equations to analyze feature costs or track the ROI of a product launch.

Work requests

Set your team up for success

Streamline every aspect of your product development process. Apply workspace templates to ensure teams follow your standards and best practices. Increase efficiency by automating routine tasks and assigning requests to cross-functional groups.

Top Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise+ capabilities


Create objectives with as many key results as you need — then track your metrics regularly to see how you progress toward your strategic goals.

Team capacity planning

Use powerful team capacity planning functionality to create team-based estimates, analyze different scenarios, and visualize workloads.

Custom tables

Add and manage important information — such as risk details, change logs, and more — in custom tables. Pull this data into reports for deeper analysis.

Automation rules

Eliminate recurring tasks. Create automation rules to assign work, sync statuses, update fields, and more.

Custom worksheets

Analyze data right from your record details using spreadsheet-like functions in custom worksheets. Report on financials and performance alongside relevant product information.

Work requests

Coordinate cross-team dependencies. Assign work requests to other teams so they can review what is needed and when.

Workspace templates

Drive standards and best practices. Create workspace templates to predefine everything from custom fields to terminology, release templates, and automation rules.

Account management

Streamline account administration. Assign licenses, manage users, and set up custom roles to give the right permissions to the right people.

Advanced security

Enable antivirus scanning for file attachments, IP address access control, and session expiration control. Plus, export a full JSON backup file of your data.

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