Concierge support

A dedicated team and custom onboarding

Exceptional account services

Enterprise companies work differently. You have large product teams, complex product portfolios, and dynamic environments. We know because we serve many of the world’s most innovative and best-known companies.

You are different. You need an exceptional level of account management and service and are willing to pay for it. This is why we created Enterprise+ with concierge support — for customers who desire personalized service.

When you choose the Enterprise+ plan with a meaningful number of paid users, you are assigned a lead from the Customer Success team — these folks are our most experienced product experts.

Custom onboarding programs

We believe product managers are superheroes — but you do not need superpowers for a successful onboarding. We can help coach your team and get them up to speed fast with comprehensive, hands-on training led by our team of product management experts. And we never charge for added professional services or consulting fees.

Our proven framework for getting started is informed by thousands of successful rollouts:

  • Kickoff
    • Identify key team members
    • Confirm customer goals
    • Introduce concierge service
  • Plan
    • Create a framework for working together
    • Define team structure and product hierarchy
    • Tailor a rollout plan and timeline
  • Rollout
    • Four- to eight-week program
    • Step-by-step team training
    • Share best practices and document standards

Have a question? Send us a note.

Ongoing check-ins

Count on us to grow with you. We are happy to meet with you a few times a year to showcase new functionality and answer any questions that you may have. And as your team’s use of Aha! expands, we are available to help onboard new groups as well.

Work better together

We know Aha! is not the only tool your organization relies on. That is why we offer robust integrations with more than 30 popular tools and systems, including Jira, TFS, Pivotal Tracker, Rally, and Trello. We can help you decide how you want to integrate Aha! into your existing workflow.

World-class protection

We know your strategy and roadmaps are extremely important and we take protecting that data seriously. Aha! was designed with security in mind by an experienced team of software builders and is ISO27001 certified. For large teams that select the Enterprise+ plan, we may coordinate a security and operational review with your IT team.

Let our team help you

  • Define your product structure and account setup
  • Develop standards that fit into the workflow
  • Set your product-planning goals
  • Build beautiful roadmaps
  • Create report templates
  • Be happy
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