Aha! Concierge Service

Exceptional service from a team of former product managers

Product managers know best

The Enterprise+ plan and the included Concierge service is for businesses who demand the best. You and your product management team will experience a close, personal relationship with us and have access to unparalleled services, insights, and advice.

Every member of our Customer Success team has deep product management expertise, and we work with many of the world's best-known companies every day. We are here to help you reach your product goals, make the most of your investment, and ensure that Aha! fits into the workflow of your entire company.

Regardless of the plan you are in, we respond to all incoming support requests as quickly as possible (typically in less than two hours). However, the Enterprise+ plan allows us to provide a higher level of strategic services to a select group of organizations that have a meaningful number of paid seats and want us to take a more hands-on, consultative approach.

IT friendly

If you select the Enterprise+ plan, we may provide a security and operational review that is coordinated with your internal IT team. This service is the last step of a trial or pilot for larger organizations who are planning on widely deploying Aha!

The Aha! Customer Success team is comprised of expert former product managers.

Superheroes not needed

We know the Aha! rollout is not your full-time job. And while we are big fans of superheroes, you do not need superpowers for successful onboarding. We are here to help coach your team and get them up to speed with Aha! fast.

We proactively provide some or all of the following services depending on the number of paid seats after you have become a paying customer.

Our Customer Success team members are experts in both Aha! and product management. And they are backed by thousands of deployments of Aha! and a proven approach for rolling it out into sophisticated environments.

It is also important to know that no one on the team receives a commission. You can be confident that we will make every recommendation with only your team and our relationship in mind.

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