My Name Is Jennifer Bloom — This Is Why I Joined Aha!
September 7, 2018

My Name Is Jennifer Bloom — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

by Why I Joined Aha!

I was probably the only child who had a filing cabinet in her bedroom growing up. And most likely the only one who jotted down notes in her daily planner. You see, I love to plan. Everything I do, I set a plan for it and have done so for most of my life. I spent most of my childhood as a competitive gymnast, so there was plenty to keep track of.

I am drawn to situations that challenge me — where I can make a plan for success and grow from there.

Naturally, when it came time for college, I had already mapped out exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to venture far from my small New England hometown and stay competitive in sports and school. I chose Stetson University in Florida, where I competed in NCAA Division I cheerleading and studied both marketing and sociology.

After college, I put my studies to good use working for Clarus Commerce, which specializes in the design, development, and implementation of fully customized premium loyalty programs. I joined the company as employee number 11, working in client services — eventually managing over 40 relationships across major brands and multiple retail sectors.

A few years into my time there, the CEO and VP of marketing approached me about moving into a product management role. The CEO was a self-proclaimed “product guy” and saw my potential as a product manager before I saw it in myself (or even knew what the job was).

True to my nature, I made a plan for how I could succeed as a product manager — reading everything I could, meeting others in the field, and going to conferences.

It helped that Clarus gave me the leeway to apply what I learned. I worked hard to make product decisions that would create customer value and increase our revenue. I also developed processes that would allow us to scale the product management team. Over the next seven years, I was fortunate to receive a series of promotions, eventually taking on a product leader role.

I led over 10 international product launches and focused on optimizing and growing the product portfolio — supporting double-digit growth each year. By this time, Clarus was nearly 100 people strong. It felt like I had grown up with the company.

I was proud of what I had achieved and ready to map out my next challenge. So, I started researching companies. I first discovered Aha! on LinkedIn. I signed up for a trial and obsessively spent the next 48 hours building out an entire roadmap structure.

Immediately, I connected to the concept behind the software — building out a plan with a clear link between strategy and execution.

Once I applied and began interviewing for a role on the Customer Success team, I realized it was not just the product that I connected with, but also the people behind it. Everyone I talked to was thoroughly impressive.

They explained that they had a framework for success named The Responsive Method — which meant they made decisions quickly, led with kindness, and always had a plan. In every conversation, the team seemed genuinely interested in who I was as a person and what motivated me. I felt right at home.

Since joining the Aha! team, I have gotten to work with product teams around the world — from tech and medical companies to financial firms.

Instead of working on just one product, I get to work on all kinds — helping product managers in various industries find solutions to their toughest problems. I love sharing my own experiences as a product manager and making a fundamental difference in how people build truly lovable products.

Working at Aha! is the perfect place for me— I get to do meaningful work with an incredible group of people. I could not have planned it any better.

That is why I joined Aha! — and why you should too.

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