Gain revenue insights in Aha! Ideas

Understand what will drive new revenue

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Quantify the value of each idea

Score ideas based on estimated product value and identify what will have the biggest impact on customers

See each idea's current demand and relevant customer insights
Quickly gauge the business importance of every request
Estimate value early — so you know which ideas to implement first
Organization revenue behind an idea

Gain insights into revenue

Assess the importance of ideas based on account size and potential revenue. Capture financial projections directly in Aha! Ideas, or integrate with Salesforce to link opportunities directly to requests. Seeing which ideas will have the biggest impact can inform your prioritization decisions.

Product value scorecard for ideas

Score ideas objectively

Keep the team focused on what matters most to your customers and the business. Establish a consistent set of metrics — such as population, need, strategy, effort, and confidence. Inform your prioritization decisions by giving each idea an initial score based on a value estimation framework.

Analyze customer feedback

Choose from a variety of example reports to spot patterns in your data. Chart the most popular ideas by category. Or use a pivot table to track how many votes an idea received within each segment. Viewing your data from different perspectives helps you understand what matters most.

Idea prioritization

Prioritize efficiently

Rank ideas by their relative importance. Use the prioritization view to visualize your options and discuss the value of each request with the team — updating scores as you go. Then, sort ideas by score and update statuses to notify customers about your decisions.

Promoting idea into feature

Implement the best ideas

Use Aha! Ideas with Aha! Roadmaps to integrate the best requests directly into your product plans. Convert ideas into requirements, features, epics, or initiatives. Information about linked ideas automatically carries over — keeping customers at the forefront as you move to implementation.