Streamline how you review feedback

Manage it all from the ideas dashboard

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Standardize your idea review process

Get relief from endless hours spent arguing over which opportunities your team should pursue. Vet ideas as they roll in and prioritize the most valuable ones.


Track recent ideas and ask for more details to get the context you need.


Categorize ideas by theme so you can manage related feedback.


Order ideas by value and effort so you know which ones to implement first.

Understand the details

Quickly review each idea, add tags and attachments, and document key details — such as financial projections. Then make a quick determination about whether an idea is duplicative, likely to be implemented, or should be a future consideration.

Assess ideas by votes and value

Analyze which ideas will have the biggest impact. Use the vote count to understand the popularity of ideas. Scoring each idea based on impact and effort helps you assess the value of ideas against your business goals — so you can prioritize which ones to implement.

Segment feedback by customer

Understand which ideas matter most to each customer and what you have done for them lately. Capture details important to your customer relationship — such as size, location, industry, and revenue. Then aggregate requests and feedback so you can analyze by segment.

Be responsive

Keep your community informed in a manageable way. Automatic notifications help you be responsive. From sending a thank you note when a new idea is submitted to providing status updates, every touchpoint encourages people to share more.

Work as a team

Create custom workflows and statuses for how ideas move through submission to review. You can even require formal approvals from internal groups. Add comments, @mentions, and to-dos so your team can effectively collaborate and keep the best ideas moving forward.

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