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Streamline how you assess feedback

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Scale your idea management process with clear workflow statuses, helpful automation rules, and quick customer responses

Track idea status, activity, and comments on a central dashboard
Categorize ideas by theme so you can manage related feedback
Create rules to automatically assign, review, and respond to ideas
Review ideas portal activity

Quickly review new feedback

Manage customer requests more efficiently. Categorize ideas by theme, score each one based on importance, and use custom fields to capture key details (such as financial projections). List reports make it easy to sort and filter ideas so you can edit in bulk.

@ mention portal users

Gather more details

Catch up on recent portal comments to gain clarity on what your customers need. Use @mentions to ask for additional input on an idea and give customers the option to respond privately — so they feel comfortable sharing insights with your team. Threaded replies keep discussions organized.

Update idea status

Work as a team

Bring consistency to your idea management process. Create custom workflows to determine how requests move from submission to review to approval. Use statuses to show whether an idea is likely to be implemented or saved for future consideration. Collaboration tools such as to-dos and internal comments help the team work together effectively.

Idea automation rules

Reduce manual tasks

Use automation rules to keep ideas moving swiftly through your process. Control which ideas are visible in your portal and when, assign ideas to the right team member based on the area of functionality, get alerts for trending feedback, and so much more.

Idea submission thank you email

Keep customers informed

Automatic notifications make it easy to close the feedback loop with anyone who created, voted for, or commented on an idea. From sending a thank-you note when a new idea is submitted to providing status updates, every touchpoint encourages your community to share more insights.