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Use AI to uncover customer insights

Analyze significant feedback efficiently — from exploring high-level themes to finding related requests

Reveal overall feedback themes to inform your plans
Quickly find ideas that are similar or related to each other
Link ideas to relevant features and merge similar ideas

Identify themes

Let AI smartly categorize requests so you can hone in on key concepts. Start with a high-level analysis to visualize ideas clustered by their major themes. You can then view ideas within a theme via a list report and promote them to features or initiatives on your roadmap.

Merge similar ideas with Aha! Ideas

Merge similar ideas

No one wants duplicate ideas. You can use AI to keep the ideas in your portal well-organized. When dots are clustered closely, this indicates that they represent similar ideas. Quickly hover over to read the descriptions and see if it makes sense to combine them. Then merge ideas as you see fit, streamlining your ideas data.