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Focus on customer research

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Strengthen your empathy for customers

Use innovative research tools to better understand your customers and discover exactly what they need from your product

Add quantitative insights to reinforce your qualitative research
Gain understanding with community discussions and empathy sessions
Organize research in one place to determine what customers really need

Poll your customers

Get a pulse on what your users need. Launch feedback polls in your ideas portal, email a portal link, or integrate a portal directly into your app. Select a poll type — multiple-choice, number scale, or star rating — and add an open-ended question for more insights. Watch the responses appear in real time and analyze the results, bringing quantitative data into your decision-making.

Create an open dialogue

Interact with customers to learn more about their needs. Enable a community feedback widget on any page in your app. Find out what users think of a feature you are beta testing or ask for suggestions on how to improve the overall user experience. Chat-based conversation makes it easy for customers to chime in with their perspective — in a thread or with emojis.

Empathy session with poll

Host virtual focus groups

Understand your customers' thoughts and feelings. Schedule an empathy session to go deeper into a specific topic — inviting people who voted or commented on relevant ideas. Prepare a discussion guide to make the most out of your time together. Ask questions, launch polls, and share mockups in the chat. Set up multiday sessions so everyone can contribute asynchronously.

Turn insights into actions

Summarize your findings from polls, in-app feedback, and empathy sessions. Star messages from conversation transcripts and convert them into ideas — so valuable insights instantly become actionable requests. Everything lives in a single collaborative space, giving the entire team a record of your research for future reference.

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Centralize your research

Document shared knowledge and research. Create customer research plans and store interview notes using pre-built templates for consistency. Use whiteboards to visualize the entire customer journey and brainstorm solutions. Turn whiteboard elements into idea records so either internal teams or customers can vote on them.