Give your customers a voice

Create a central place for capturing ideas

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Build a community

Harness the power of an ideas portal to drive business innovation. Understand exactly what your customers, partners, and employees want — so you can deliver it.


Add as many public or private portals as you need and customize idea visibility.


Upload a logo and add a theme color to match your company's branding.


Encourage your community to submit new ideas and vote on existing ones.

Go global

Gather ideas from customers and employees from around the world — in their language of choice. You can make your portal available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch.

Submit your way

Create dynamic ideas forms with conditional rules so you get the exact information you need about each request. Or allow people to email ideas directly to the portal. You can also add an in-app idea submission widget so customers can seamlessly share what they want and need — while using your product.

Enable proxy voting

Give your colleagues a way to capture feedback. Encourage sales and support teams to add votes on behalf of customers. Capture the business value of each request so you can understand the impact.

Start a conversation

Comment on ideas to gain clarity about what customers and employees want. Get more context about specific ideas straight from users. Bring transparency into the process by sharing why you will or will not move forward.

Streamline access

Enable single sign-on (SSO) so people can easily log in to your portal and share suggestions. You can even use the same SSO connection for multiple ideas portals. This streamlines portal configuration so you can start capturing feedback — fast.

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