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Make it easy for customers to share feedback through an ideas portal — and automatically stay informed about updates

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Ideas portal brand settings

Encourage feedback

Ideas are essential for innovation. Create an interactive hub where your community can submit, browse, and vote for ideas. Customize the look of your portal and tailor the experience for different audiences. Advanced settings — such as single sign-on, custom domains, and language translation — make it easy for users to log in and offer feedback.

Capture relevant details

Streamline the way you capture information about new ideas. Add templates to submission forms to standardize how customers submit feedback and use dynamic forms with custom fields and conditional rules to secure relevant details. This helps you collect the information you need to prioritize the best ideas.

Proxy vote form

Enable proxy voting

Empower your sales and support teams to capture feedback on behalf of customers. Proxy voting lets colleagues share details about who the customer is and the associated business opportunity in a private portal. Notifications keep proxy voters informed of progress so they can make sure customers learn about new functionality.

Collect ideas in-app

Convenience is key when it comes to gathering feedback. Activate an in-app submission widget so users can share their ideas right from your product. Give your widget a custom title and brand color, then specify where you want it to appear in your app. You can also allow people to email ideas directly to your portal.


Engage your community

Gain clarity into exactly what your community wants. Pin important requests to the top of your portal to encourage more input and comment on ideas to get additional context. Send weekly summary emails straight to your users — motivating them to participate in the latest conversations.

Proactively share updates

Send automatic notifications to users when their requests change status — efficiently closing feedback loops. Create custom portal pages to share live roadmaps, product announcements, and release notes. Customers will love the transparency and have even more reasons to visit your portal.