Aha! Roadmaps integration with Aha! Ideas

Connect ideas to your roadmap

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Bring customer feedback into your plans

Turn ideas into actionable roadmap items and proactively share real-time status updates with customers as work gets underway

Convert top ideas into features on your roadmap with a single click
Keep customer insights top of mind as you build out requirements
Reciprocate the gift of feedback by sharing your product plans
Go from idea to implementation

Go from idea to implementation

Convert high-priority ideas directly into initiatives, epics, features, or requirements in Aha! Roadmaps. This automatically creates a link so you can track the progress of each idea through to delivery. Key details carry over — such as the description, product value score, and vote count — providing clarity about what customers want and the request's importance.

Organize feedback in Aha! Ideas

Organize feedback

Define what to build based on a deep understanding of customer needs. Tie all of your research — including interviews, polls, and related ideas — directly to existing work items. This makes it easy to manage and share product discovery insights in one place so you can create an exceptional customer experience.

Track customer demand in Aha! Ideas

Track customer demand

Keep customers top of mind as you build new functionality. Capture CRM-like data about organizations in Aha! Ideas, then connect specific customers to features in Aha! Roadmaps for a full picture of who they are and what they need. Filter roadmaps by organization to demonstrate how you are serving your top customers.

Keep customers up to date in Aha! Ideas

Keep users up to date

Sync the status of ideas with the status of work items. This ensures your portal is always up to date as work moves through the product development process. Automatic notifications keep customers informed as soon as their ideas are delivered — creating a great way to share the good news and efficiently close the loop.