Keep track of customer needs

Organize customer feedback

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Analyze feedback by company and segment

Understand the customers behind the ideas — from individuals to companies and segments — to gain deep insights into who needs what

See a complete view of requests from people and organizations
View feedback from different groups of customers based on common traits
Use powerful analytics to assess an idea's popularity through multiple lenses
Keep track of customer needs

Track individual input

Pinpoint each person's needs. See exactly which ideas they voted for and what you have delivered for them. Use custom fields to capture additional details (such as their role or location). You can also see which channels they use to share their feedback, giving you insights into which requests matter most to them and the best way to engage.

View ideas by company

View ideas by company

Automatically group ideas, votes, and proxy votes by company. Charts provide an overview of each organization's ideas data — including request status and portal engagement. This gives you a clear view of each company's top needs so you can have meaningful conversations. And when you promote ideas into Aha! Roadmaps, you can track the corresponding features by the customers they will benefit.

Augment your data

Enrich your understanding of who your customers are. Capture CRM-like data about each organization's size, industry, revenue, and which plan it is on. Automatically map these details from Salesforce to Aha! Ideas — putting customer requests in context. When company details change in Salesforce, you will automatically see the same information reflected back in Aha! Ideas.

Create customer segments

Create customer segments

Assess the needs of specific customer groups. Define segments based on similar characteristics — so you can track highly requested ideas by company size or account value. Then, compare segments to understand who is asking for what. This helps you make informed prioritization decisions that delight customers and grow your business.

Be the customer expert

Build powerful reports

Get instant access to all the segment analysis, charts, and insights you need. Choose from more than 20 example reports (or create your own) to quantify your feedback analysis. Beautiful visualizations help you review and present your data — so you can quickly determine the potential impact of ideas across audiences and focus on what matters.