Aha! Ideas + Salesforce

Prioritize the ideas that will best serve your customers

Centralize product feedback in one place. The bidirectional integration makes it easy for customer-facing teams to submit requests to your ideas portal directly from Salesforce. Link customer opportunities, accounts, and support cases to ideas — so you can understand what customers are asking for and the business value of each request. You can also bring CRM data into Aha! Ideas to analyze ideas by segment. Prioritize the best ideas and keep sales and support teams automatically informed of status updates.

Capture every request

Empower sales and support teams to search your ideas portal right from Salesforce so they can quickly capture and link ideas to customer opportunities. Information about the opportunity is summarized on the record in Aha! Ideas — where the product team can get pertinent information such as who requested it, the value, probability, and expected close date.

Understand customer needs

Sync accounts in Salesforce with organizations in Aha! Ideas so you can view important company details — such as industry, location, and size — alongside feedback requests. When any company details change in Salesforce, those changes will be automatically reflected in Aha! Ideas.

Prioritize high-value ideas

Instantly identify ideas that will have the biggest impact with the Salesforce opportunity report. Sync account and opportunity data from Salesforce to analyze feedback by customer, segment, and potential value so you can make informed prioritization decisions. Win more business and delight your customers.

Notify sales and support of idea status

The integration makes it possible for Salesforce users to track the status of ideas. Teammates can see whether an idea is planned, in progress, or shipped within each opportunity or support case. You can also create triggers in Salesforce to notify cross-functional groups of any changes.