Aha! Roadmaps + Okta

Provide a seamless login experience

Configure single sign-on for your Aha! account via Okta. Now your team does not have to keep track of yet another email and password. This integration supports SAML 2.0, securely authenticating each user before granting access to Aha! Roadmaps.

Configure single sign-on in your ideas portal.

Streamline identity management

Add new users to your Aha! account directly from Okta. The default setting does not give access to any workspaces and users have no assigned role. You can set up custom attributes to give the preferred permissions to each user. You can also revoke access, preventing unauthorized access to your account.

Enable SSO for ideas portals and presentations

Authenticate ideas portal users with SSO. Customers and employees can easily submit new ideas and vote on existing ones — no friction. You can also use SSO for managing access to shared webpages like presentations, reports, and dashboards.