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Collect feedback directly in your software

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In-app poll results

Enable active users to share their thoughts

Choose from a variety of in-app feedback tools to discover what customers think of your product while they use it

Empower users to submit ideas without leaving your application
Gauge sentiment via in-app polls and community discussions
Analyze your findings to identify the most pressing customer needs
Activate in-app widgets

Activate in-app widgets

Make it super convenient for customers to share feedback. Enable in-app widgets so users can easily submit ideas, respond to polls, and engage in conversation right from your application. Install a one-time code snippet, then add as many widgets as you want. Customize each one to match your brand and control exactly where it appears.

Streamline idea collection

Streamline idea collection

Capture ideas in the moment. Users can click the lightbulb icon in your application at any time to share improvements without breaking their flow. The submission form is the same one you use to collect ideas via your portal — it includes the description template, fields, and conditional rules to standardize how customers submit requests.

Launch feedback polls

Launch feedback polls

Engage with active users about their needs. Run a poll to rate the importance of an idea, gauge satisfaction for a new feature, or get input on early designs. This is a great way to quickly reach a large number of customers — so you can gather quantitative insights to guide product decisions.

Facilitate community discussion

Facilitate community discussion

Create a direct line to your customers. Start an open chat-based conversation from any page in your application. Ask a question to spark meaningful discussion and reply to comments in a thread. Highlight key messages and transform them into actionable ideas for the team to review.

Research tab for in-app feedback

Create a central repository

Manage all your customer feedback in one place — no matter which channels you use to gather it. This helps you review thoughts from as many people as possible and efficiently discover key insights. Use Aha! Ideas and Aha! Roadmaps together to connect your research directly to features and build what will actually drive customer value and business growth.