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User experience

Design lovable experiences

Collaborate with product development to deliver compelling user experiences driven by solid insights

Keep strategy top of mind

Make informed design decisions. Work side by side with product management in Aha! Roadmaps to understand the overall strategy — so you can bring the product vision to life. Create personas to get clear on who your customers are and what they care about. Map out user journeys to articulate what customers are thinking and feeling at key touchpoints to improve the overall experience.

Be a strategic partner

Conduct user research

Discover exactly what your customers need. Create an ideas portal where customers can submit, vote, and comment on suggestions. This gives you firsthand insights into user pain points and requirements that can inform your design choices. Leverage advanced idea management functionality — such as empathy sessions, feedback polls, and in-app community feedback — to deepen your understanding and get early input on designs.

Apply your learnings

Refine creative ideas

Collaborate on early-stage concepts with the team. Capture your thoughts in a note to get input on tough design problems. Whiteboards provide a creative space to sketch, illustrate, and ideate — so you can align on the best approach. Then, design high-fidelity mockups and prototypes in your tool of choice, linking them directly to features in Aha! Roadmaps. This way, the team can easily review the latest designs in context with the overall user requirements and streamline review cycles.

Visualize new concepts

Partner with engineering

Establish a seamless handoff from the UX team to engineering. When a feature in Aha! Roadmaps is assigned to a team in Aha! Develop, all relevant designs go along with it — ensuring everyone has access to the same information. Collaborate with engineering to confirm your designs are technically feasible and provide quick feedback as development gets underway. You can even use extensions in Aha! Develop to integrate with your favorite design tools.

Send designs in context

Aha! is a game-changer. It brings a new level of transparency and collaboration that is critical to not only helping us transform our organization, but also to delivering new digital customer experiences.

Anne Walsh

Customer experience manager, AAA

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Top capabilities for UX teams

Define user personas

Take your knowledge of customers and document user personas. Then, link them to new features — helping product teams better understand who they are building for.

Learn what users want

Hear from your customers directly in an ideas portal. Review ideas and respond for additional feedback to get inspired on how to improve their overall experience.

Illustrate the ideal experience

Start by mapping out early ideas on whiteboards. Diagram a user journey using templates to identify where to focus next. Share this work with the product development team and collaborate live to align on important priorities.

Add designs to planned work

Add designs directly to a feature or requirement. With details and designs side by side, your vision is clear and easy to find — allowing for early feedback on feasibility.

Gather direct feedback

Get direct feedback on your designs. Post and send polls for quantitative results or schedule an empathy session with a target group of users for qualitative insights. Use the results to improve your designs and the overall user experience.

Establish workflows

Create a UX workspace to set goals, customize workflows, and track the progress of design work. Flexible reports and roadmaps showcase team accomplishments.

Manage review cycles

Kick off design reviews where your product team is already working. Use to-dos, comments, and notes to work efficiently with your team and stay on top of tasks.

Best practices for UX teams