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Get insights into your product data

Incorporate data-driven thinking into every aspect of the product development process

Optimize performance

Drive product team success using data. Capture all of your product development data in Aha! software so you can assess your strategic goals, measure productivity, quantify customer feedback, and so much more. Use the powerful analytics engine in Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, and Aha! Develop to create visual reports and answer complex questions about your product. A library of customizable report templates gives you the exact view you need — fast.

Gain key insights

Measure product value

Focus on delivering customer and business value. Use a consistent scoring methodology to quantify the worth of a new feature as you move from ideation through to launch. Refine your assessment as you learn more about the functionality and the effort it will take to develop. Once implemented, find out what your customers think and assess the actual value that was delivered. This gives you an objective way to prioritize the work that will have the biggest impact.

Increase product love

Monitor progress

Track momentum against your product strategy. Create a dashboard in Aha! Roadmaps for monitoring KPIs — such as the status of goals, financial metrics, features planned by initiative, and the percentage of work completed. Share your reports and make them interactive so leadership and other teams can self-serve the information they need. Analyze agile performance metrics in Aha! Develop, including burndown, velocity, and cycle time. Use these insights to plan more accurately and boost team productivity.

Stay on schedule

Highlight achievement

Visualize the results of the team's efforts. Create a variety of list reports, pivot tables, and charts to analyze delivery metrics — including the status of epics, launch progress, and the number of features shipped each month. Automatically track the percentage complete on all of your work in real time and publish presentations to keep everyone in the loop. The team will love seeing the progress as you deliver against your plan.

Celebrate the team's accomplishments

We love how quickly we can build roadmaps and reports. We can create different views for different audiences in minutes and easily share them with internal and external stakeholders. This results in a time savings of at least 30% — not to mention the benefits that come from improved collaboration and visibility.

Jerimiah Rudden

Senior manager, product strategy and operations, Genesys

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Top reporting and analytics capabilities

Aggregate your data

Manage product information in one place. Aha! software includes more than 200 standard fields along with unlimited custom fields so you can capture and organize data that is specific to your organization.

Create the perfect report

Choose from more than 75 prebuilt product reports to get started quickly or build your own from scratch. Tailor list reports, pivot tables, and charts to suit your needs and add filters to refine your view.

Build beautiful charts

Visualize your data as a bar, column, line, pie, scatter, or bubble chart. Use the report builder to quickly create the chart you need and then customize the style, legend, and data series to make it look how you want.

Get insights into voting activity, popular ideas, recently submitted ideas, shipped ideas, and more in Aha! Ideas. Analyze feedback by customer segments and organizations to deepen your understanding of what customers want.

Score ideas and features

Use consistent metrics (such as population, need, strategy, effort, and confidence) to score new functionality and prioritize what to build next. Compare the potential value of what is planned with the actual value realized.

Assess roadmap progress

Monitor progress against your strategic goals and initiatives in real time. Visualize the percentage of work completed on roadmaps and reports so you can show momentum as you deliver against your plan.

Improve team productivity

Streamline sprint planning and review with velocity and burndown reports. Use throughput and cycle time data to predict delivery dates more accurately. Drill into agile reports in Aha! Develop to identify ways to improve your workflows.

Celebrate product success 

Give leadership and internal teams visibility into product development progress. Share live views of roadmaps and reports via interactive dashboards, presentations, and notes.

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