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Craft winning marketing plans

Define bold marketing strategy to attract, retain, and grow your customer base

Unite the team around your strategy

Brilliant marketing is the result of many things — clear strategy, bold creativity, and true collaboration. Channel yours into an integrated marketing roadmap in Aha! Roadmaps. You can set high-level marketing goals, plan campaigns and launches, and report on results all in one tool. From strategy through to everyday tasks, the entire team has visibility into what you are working towards and why it matters.

Strategize together

Get aligned on launch details

Plan how you will deliver launch messaging and marketing materials that resonate with customers. Use built-in templates to articulate your value proposition and dig deep into customer personas. With Aha! Roadmaps, marketing and product management can collaborate side by side in the same system to coordinate all the cross-functional activities required to launch a new product or feature. Use a Gantt chart or a calendar view to stay on the same page as release plans evolve and key dates approach.

Map your go-to-market timeline

Manage deliverables in one place

Does leadership want to see the creative brief for a new program? Did your teammate ask for new email copy? Tracking down marketing materials can feel like a scavenger hunt. Aha! Roadmaps brings the team, tasks, and assets all together. Brainstorm creative with interactive whiteboards, collaborate with the robust text editor, and showcase plans in a stunning presentation. Then get your deliverables ready for launch with a streamlined approval process.

Simplify the way you work

Calibrate your next project

Report on results right within Aha! Roadmaps. Analyze your marketing data using highly customizable list reports, pivot tables, and charts. Monitor team KPIs in a shared reporting dashboard. Shifts in progress towards your goals can help prompt changes — adjusting plans, removing unproductive efforts, and experimenting with new activities. Plus, get a big-picture view of team efficiency to help spot bottlenecks and identify ways to improve workflows.

Harness your data

Aha! provides everything our marketing team needs to plan and manage product launches, campaigns, and programs. Simply put — if it is not in Aha! then it is not happening.

Josh Byrd

Vice President of Marketing, Juvare

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Aha! Roadmaps is the complete product management solution that includes strategic marketing templates.

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Why marketing teams love Aha! Roadmaps

Put goals first

Capture what you want to achieve by defining marketing goals. Then bring the team together to plan the best path forward to engage your audience and drive the results you need.

Tell your story

Craft compelling copy right in the Aha! text editor. Add headers, create tables, embed images, and highlight important ideas with rich formatting options. Collaborate alongside teammates with real-time editing.

Develop on-point creative

Utilize whiteboards, notes, and creative briefs to illustrate your campaign vision for the team. Link your buyer personas to every asset so you never lose sight of the target audience.

Automate workflows

Standardize routine processes, set due date notifications, and track progress. Streamline approval workflows so you can publish high-quality work — faster.

Boost cross-functional collaboration

Increase transparency and communicate your expectations by using the same tool as the product team. Collaborate through cross-functional roadmap views, trackable to-dos, and efficient work requests.

Manage key dates in a drag-and-drop marketing calendar. Big launch ahead? Create a Gantt chart to visualize cross-channel campaigns and show how dependencies affect timing.

Analyze marketing ROI

Quickly analyze all of your marketing data in Aha! Roadmaps and demonstrate how your team drives business growth. Choose from dozens of example reports or build your own.

Showcase campaign results

Show off your achievements with Aha! Roadmaps presentations. Add branded slide themes, incorporate interactive roadmap views, and make it all shareable in a secure webpage — then get your audience buzzing.

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