October 25, 2022 Aha! Create is now available for everyone

"Having a creative space to explore and ideate is an essential part of product innovation." This comment from one of our largest customers perfectly highlights why many of you love using notes and whiteboards as an integrated part of your Aha! account. But you also told us that you need a way to share documents with non-Aha! users — because not everyone in your organization uses the application. The launch of Aha! Create makes that possible. Now all of your colleagues can work together.

Today, we are excited to make Aha! Create available to everyone — the best way to organize thoughts, whiteboard concepts, and collaborate with the team.

Aha! Create is the only tool of its kind that brings together everything you need to ideate — written notes, virtual whiteboards, interactive diagramming, and a library of carefully-crafted templates — in one digital notebook. All of this functionality is already included in the Aha! software that you use at no additional cost. But there are many folks who just need a space to record daily thoughts and visualize concepts. Aha! Create is perfect for them — read the complete launch blog to learn more.

Here is the part that likely matters most to you though. As part of this launch, we made it possible for existing Aha! users to share personal notes and whiteboards with people outside of your account — so you can gather input from colleagues, contractors, customers, and partners. Simply share a link so folks can access your document in their own Aha! Create account. (They will need to agree that they want access to the document and a free Aha! Create account will be automatically created for them.) Then work together to refine concepts and collaborate on the details.

If that seems interesting, you may want to join our live product launch event on November 9. You will enjoy an in-depth demo of the product, including the ability to create and share compelling notes and whiteboards with others. Invite your coworkers — the Aha! team will be there to answer your questions.

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As a reminder, here is what you can do with notes and whiteboards that are included in your existing Aha! account:

Organize your thoughts

Document everything. Create as many workspace and personal notes as you need to capture meeting agendas, customer conversations, market research, and more. Corral free-form text with rich formatting options. You can reference notes how you like — organized in folders or by date. Use the calendar view on your My work page to create daily notes and quickly capture information on the fly.

Pin workspace and personal notes to dates to access them via the calendar view.

Create stunning whiteboards

Visualize your thinking. Digital whiteboards are ideal for defining user flow diagrams, mapping customer journeys, or brainstorming new product experiences. Choose from a selection of templates for everything from sticky notes to mind maps. Or use shapes, frames, connectors, and other elements to create your own custom visuals. You can embed whiteboards in notes to bring both formats together.

Use exceptional diagramming functionality to design visual whiteboards.

Share with anyone

Need input from others? Generate a shareable link to any of your personal notes or whiteboards. Choose whether you want to make your document view-only or editable, then send out the link. Once shared, collaborate in real time or asynchronously to bounce ideas, provide in-context feedback, and refine concepts.

Caption: People will have six days to open the document before the link expires.

Add concepts to your roadmap

Bring the best concepts to life. When you are ready to go from ideation to implementation, select nearly any element on a whiteboard and convert into an idea record in Aha! Roadmaps. This way, you can seamlessly incorporate creative thinking in your strategic planning process — ensuring that valuable concepts never get lost.

Select multiple text objects like sticky notes and convert them all to idea records at once.

We cannot wait to share more with you at the launch event on November 9 — invite your teammates to join you!

This is just the beginning. We are already working on a variety of enhancements to Aha! Create — including a desktop app and additional templates. As you keep working on your own notes and whiteboards, tell us what you want to see next.

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