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The digital notebook for product builders

Organize notes, whiteboard concepts, and collaborate with your team — in one place

Bring everything together

Aha! Create combines rich-text notes, virtual whiteboards, and diagrams. Finally, one place to capture thoughts and collaborate throughout the product development process.

Record your thoughts

Use beautiful formatting to document everything — meeting agendas, market research, customer interviews, and more. Easily refer back to the documents whenever you need them.

Think visually

World-class drawing capabilities let you create beautiful diagrams and communicate complex product concepts with ease. Start with a blank canvas or choose a template to get going quickly.

Collaborate live

Share your documents with anyone — including people who are not in your account. Then collaborate in real time to gather input, refine concepts, and align on the best path forward.

Stay organized

Organize your documents so you can find what you need fast. Store notes by date and visualize them on a calendar. Or create folders to group your information by topic.

Connect to your roadmap

Most note and diagramming tools are used in isolation. Not this tool. Use Aha! Create with other Aha! products to convert early-stage concepts into actionable roadmap items.

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Why product builders love Aha! Create

Capture everything

Replace your physical notebook, whiteboard app, and other tools with the only purpose-built digital notebook for product builders.

Document your way

Capture both text-based notes and visual whiteboards to build out concepts using the format that makes the most sense.

Diagram beautifully

Choose from a library of whiteboard templates to visualize everything from business models to prioritization matrices and customer journey maps.

Share seamlessly

Bring others into the discovery process — individually or as a group — so you can edit side by side and refine bold new product concepts.

Turn concepts into plans

Build out early-stage work in Aha! Create, then convert concepts into features in Aha! Roadmaps when you are ready to formalize your plans.