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Chart a framework for success

Chart a framework for success

Access a collection of strategic business model templates to define your direction

Add strategic frameworks from the template library directly to a whiteboard
Gather input from stakeholders to refine key assumptions and push your thinking
Make the model accessible to the team so everyone understands your approach
Whiteboards -Strategic models - Articulate your business approach

Articulate your business approach

Establish your business model identifying your target customers and the value your solution provides. Or use a lean canvas to assess the viability of a big idea before moving forward. You can also capture your product vision to show what you hope to achieve.

Whiteboards - Strategic models - Analyze opportunities and threats

Analyze opportunities and threats

Evaluate the internal and external factors that impact the success of your product or company. Use the SWOT template to consider your strengths and opportunities against your weaknesses and threats. The Porter's 5 forces model is perfect for gauging buyer power, alternative solutions, existing competitors, new rivals, and partner leverage.

Whiteboards - Strategic models - Position yourself for success

Position yourself for success

Distill the key elements of your product positioning — including who your audience is, what they need, and the unique ways your product can help. Then, craft a compelling value proposition so everyone understands the value your product provides to customers beyond features and functionality.

Whiteboards -Strategic models - Record customer insights

Record customer insights

Research and engage your ideal customers. Create a segment profile to hone in on the best way to serve the needs of specific customer groups. Then, build out a holistic marketing strategy using the 10Ps marketing matrix and capture the essential elements of your approach.

Whiteboards -Strategic models - Refine go-to-market plans

Refine go-to-market plans

Launch successfully. Formulate buyer and user personas to reach people where they are. Conduct a thorough competitive analysis to know who you are up against. Define a pricing and packaging strategy that best positions you in market. Then, create an end-to-end customer journey map — working with cross-functional teams to deliver a Complete Product Experience.

Whiteboards -Strategic models - Create your own strategy templates

Create your own strategy templates

Find all of these strategic models — and many more — in the template library. Quickly adjust each framework to match your needs and fill in the details. Or craft your own whiteboard templates and make them available to the team.