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Once you have created an ideas portal, the Ideas Overview page will populate with real-time summary data about the ideas that have been submitted. Use it to manage submitted ideas and promote the best ideas into the work that your team will complete.

The Ideas overview page in Aha! Roadmaps

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At the top of the page, you will see a breakdown of all ideas in your portal by Status. Hover over any section of the donut chart to see more details about a particular status. Click on any section of the chart or the name of any status on the right to generate a pre-filtered list report of all ideas in that status.

Status section of ideas overview

If you are reviewing new ideas, clicking on the Needs review status would be a great way to start. Work your way through a focused list of ideas that you need to review and change their status as you go.



The Activity section provides you with a snapshot of everything that is happening with ideas in your account — from new ideas to recently shipped ideas. Use the tabs at the top to filter your ideas activity to New, Popular, Recently promoted, and Recently shipped ideas. The table will display up to 20 ideas and provide each idea's name, status, and category.

Activity section of ideas overview in Aha! Roadmaps

Click View full report at the bottom of the section to generate a list report of all ideas.


Portal comments

Find the Portal comments section below the Activity section. This is a chronological list of all portal comments. Click on any idea's name to open its drawer view and view or edit details.

Portal comments section of ideas overview

If you are an administrator with customization permissions, click any user's name or avatar to be taken to their Portal user settings in Portal settings Users. From there, you can manage that user's profile.

If you are an Ideas Advanced subscriber, clicking the commenter's avatar will open their contact detail page.



The Settings section provides you with details about the ideas portals added to the selected workspace and access to your portal settings. There are two tabs in the Settings section - Ideas portals and Watchers.

Settings section of ideas overview

Ideas portals

See ideas portals that have been added to your workspace here. Click a portal's name to visit the portal. Click the pencil icon to access its portal settings.

If you are an administrator with customizations permissions, you will you will see grey spam indicators next to portals that have spam to review — click it to navigate to the spam review page.

At the bottom of the Settings section, click Add ideas portal to create a new portal. To see all ideas portals added to your account across all workspaces, click View all.


See Aha! users who are watchers of your ideas overview page. Users added as watchers will get notifications for relevant idea activity in your workspace. Click Add watchers to select additional users as watchers.



The Volume chart provides data for the past year to date, displaying the number of ideas that have been added to your workspace by month. Find how many ideas have been added in the past month along with the percent change in idea volume in the last 30 days in the chart's upper right.

Volume chart in the ideas overview


Top contributors

See a who is contributing the most ideas to your account in the Top contributors section. Both your portal users and your internal Aha! users will populate in the table with the number of ideas they have contributed to your workspace.

Top contributors section of ideas overview

Click within the table to see other details about your top contributors:

  • If a contributor is a portal user, click their name to open their contact record drawer view (Advanced plan).

  • Click a contributor's idea count to open a list report of that person's ideas.

  • Click View report at the bottom of the section to open a report of all your top contributors.


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