February 5, 2021 release notes


This week, we introduced the ability to set up SSO once in your Aha! account and use the same configuration for multiple ideas portals.


  • If you have capacity planning for teams enabled, you can now add team names to your custom card layout.

  • If a user replies to your message, there will now be a notification indicator on the in-app feedback widget.

  • CSS can now be applied to hide limited elements on the confirmation page of submit-only ideas portals.

  • You can now add the date range field to your custom card layout, which was previously only available to workspaces with capacity planning for individuals enabled.


  • An issue was occurring on the strategy roadmap release summary where releases associated with descendant initiatives were incorrectly displayed. The release summary now only displays releases that are directly associated with an epic, feature, or initiative that is visible on the strategy roadmap.

  • When a cursor in the Aha! text editor was on bolded text, an issue was causing the bold option in the toolbar to not be highlighted.

  • An issue was causing users to receive an error when attempting to add a report to a dashboard directly from the report.

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