This article discusses proxy votes or ideas portal custom domains. You need to be an Ideas Advanced customer to access these integrations. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or would like to try using it in your account.

If your Aha! account was created before October 20, 2020, you may have access to these integrations, but you will need to upgrade to Ideas Advanced for any future enhancements.

Aha! Ideas | Organizations (Advanced plan)

Everything a customer cares about in one page — it sounds incredible. With visibility into what feedback they feel is most important, you can connect with them on a much deeper level. Compare to other customers in their segment or visualize their pain points and how you are responding to their needs.

This sort of view is often difficult to create. Customer feedback can come through multiple channels. Users might vote or comment on several ideas spread across multiple teams or ask someone in sales or support to add a vote for them. It is all too common to rely on hastily constructed spreadsheets and manual data entry to get a sense of how your customers feel and whether your solution is an excellent fit.

Organizations get you an unrivaled perspective on your customers' requests. Whether they leave you feedback directly or through a sales or support team member, you can aggregate it into one account-level Aha! Ideas record. You can customize that record layout to include custom fields. This helps you capture important information such as their industry, expected revenue, plan, or geographic region. Then use prebuilt reports to track the status of each organization's ideas, what you have delivered for them recently, and how their priorities align with your own.

In this article, we will walk through how to customize the organization record layout, use organizations to automatically compile ideas and votes, and visualize organizations and market segments through reports.

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Customize organization layouts

Like most record types in Aha! Ideas, you can customize the layout of organizations to include custom fields that track critical information unique to your business model. To adjust your Aha! Ideas account's organizations layout, navigate to Settings ⚙️→ Account → Custom layouts, click the More tab, and then select Organizations.

The Organizations layout is an internal layout — it is the layout you see when you open an organization in your Aha! Ideas account, and is not shown anywhere on an ideas portal. Because of this, you can populate this custom layout with fields that track privileged or internal information such as a customer segment, cohort, opportunity revenue amount, or anything else that helps you analyze and prioritize an organization appropriately.

Since organizations exist at the account level, the Organization layout exists at the account level as well and applies to every ideas portal in your account. Use it to drive a consistent perspective on your customers across all workspaces and portals.


Add organizations

There are four ways to add organizations to your Aha! Ideas account:

  • Manually

  • By CSV import (for example, from a CRM export)

  • Automatically, for each unique Email domain in your portal users

  • For Ideas Advanced customers, when adding a proxy vote (including proxy votes through the Salesforce integration)

First, you can add organizations one at a time. Navigate to Ideas → Organizations, then click Add organization. Give your organization a name to create it, then add details in the organization drawer view that loads. If you add an Email domain, then ideas created by users with that email domain will automatically be attached to your new organization.

Note: The fields on the organization drawer view are controlled by the organization custom layout. You can always click Add custom field to adjust this layout if you notice you are missing critical information.

Second, you can use the CSV import to import organizations. Navigate to Settings ⚙️→ Workspace → Import from CSV and select Ideas organizations as your record type. You will need to have workspace owner permissions to do this. The CSV import is a powerful (and simple!) way to seed your ideas portal with existing organizations using a simple spreadsheet import. Click What fields can I import? to see a list of fields you can import, including any custom fields you have added to the organizations custom layout.

Note: When importing organizations from another tool, we recommend adding a custom field called Account ID (number custom field) or Account URL (URL custom field) to your Organizations custom layout. This way your Aha! Ideas organizations have a field that uniquely identifies them in your external system.

Third, you can choose to create organizations automatically based on the email domains of your portal users. As portal users continue to join your ideas portals, new organizations will be created whenever there is a user with a new email domain. Navigate to Settings ⚙️→ Account → Ideas portals and Organizations and check the box by Automatic creation to enable this, then click Update configuration.

Fourth, anyone who adds a proxy vote to an idea in a private ideas portal or within your Aha! Ideas or Aha! Roadmaps account can link that proxy vote to an existing organization or create their own. If they choose to create a new organization, they need to provide a name for their organization. They will not see any custom fields that you have added to the organization custom layout, since those fields might track privileged information that your portal users should not see.

Votes submitted through Salesforce count as proxy votes since your sales and support teams use this integration to vote on behalf of customers. Ideas submitted through these integrations create organizations as well. This way, your organizations stay up to date with your growing list of prospective and actual customers. Organizations created through the Salesforce integration will automatically create a new organization or link to one matching the Salesforce account name.


Collect votes

If you have added an Email domain(s) to an organization's detail page, then this part is easy. As portal users with the organization's email domain(s) submit ideas, those ideas are automatically linked to the organization.

Organizations also collect proxy votes — votes submitted on behalf of someone else. If someone on your sales or support team submits a proxy vote, even through an integration, it is linked directly to an organization. This gives you a fuller picture of the organization's feedback.


Manage organizations

Users with viewer permissions in at least one workspace in your Aha! Ideas account can see your list of organizations when they navigate to Ideas → Organizations. Users with contributor or higher permissions can adjust the list. When viewing an organization's details page, users will only see ideas in workspaces they have access to.

From this page, they can:

  • Add a new organization

  • Search for existing organizations

  • Click Organization to see an organization's details

You can also build a custom list report to see a list of all your organizations and any custom fields you added to the organizations layout. Then you can sort the report by organization creation date to review new organizations and edit or Merge them as needed.


Understand your customer organizations

The organization detail page gives you an overview of each organization's ideas, votes, and users, so you can analyze each organization's feedback in one view. Thanks to your customized organizations record layout, you can also use the details page to focus on anything you have decided to track using custom fields.

To open an organization's details page, navigate to Ideas → Organizations, then click on an organization's name. The organization's drawer view will open and you can expand it by clicking Details at the top. Either view includes a More options menu in the top right corner, where you can:

  • Add a custom field to your organizations layout.

  • Edit the organization's custom layout (once you save your edits, you will come right back to the organization you left!).

  • Merge your selected organization with another organization. Merging an organization merges it (and all proxy votes associated with it) into another organization that you select.

  • Delete the organization.

This page includes several sections and prebuilt reports. Let's review it from top to bottom.

Idea status chart

Under the organization's Description, there is an Idea status chart. Much like on the Ideas → Overview page, the idea status chart breaks down all ideas linked to the organization by status.

Hover over any section of the pie chart to see more details about a particular status. Click on any section of the chart or the name of any status on the right to generate a prebuilt list report of all ideas in that status.

Above the pie chart, you also have idea Totals. Click any of the View report links by the number of Ideas, Votes, or Proxy votes to generate a prebuilt report.

Beside the pie chart is the Vote by month chart, showing an organization's votes over time.

Note: Until you add Email domain(s) to your organization, you will only see proxy votes on this tab.

Ideas tab

Under the Idea status chart, you can see lists of the organization's most Popular ideas, the most Recently voted on ideas, and the most Recently shipped ideas.

Note: Until you add Email domain(s) to your organization, you will only see proxy votes on this tab.

Click on any idea to open its drawer view or click View all in report under any list to generate a prebuilt report of those ideas and analyze them further.

Contacts tab

This tab includes a list of contacts associated with the organization. Add contacts one at a time — either add a new contact or link an existing contact to your organization. Or, click on a contact's name to better understand who they are. From a contact's drawer or details view, you can edit their details, such as First name, Last name, Email, and any custom fields you added to the contacts layout. You can also track their engagement across different feedback channels — including ideas portals, empathy sessions, and in-app feedback widgets.

Overview tab

The Overview tab is on the right side of an organization's details view. It includes the Email domain(s) that are linked to the organization as well as any custom fields you added to the organization's custom layout.

Click into a custom field to adjust it, click Add custom field to add a field to the layout, or click the Hide overview icon in the upper-left corner of the Overview tab to expand or collapse it.


So far, we have focused on how organizations can create a snapshot of every idea that a company has created or voted on. If you have added Aha! Roadmaps to your Aha! account, organizations get a much broader reach with the organizations custom relationship field.

Aha! Roadmaps is a tool that helps you set strategy and prioritize work. The organizations custom field will link a record type to an organization (or several organizations). Track the work that matters most to your customers by adding them to specific records such as features, epics, or initiatives. Once linked, you can use the organizations custom field to inform reports and roadmaps.

The organizations custom field works like any custom relationship field in your Aha! account. Navigate to Settings ⚙️→ Account → Custom fields to create one, and to Settings ⚙️→ Account → Custom layouts to add it to a record layout. You will need to be an administrator with customizations permissions to create the field and add it to a layout.


Report on organizations

The organization details page includes eight prebuilt list reports and pivot tables to help you access the most commonly requested information on an organization and the ideas, votes, and people associated with it. But you can also create your own custom reports and charts using the Idea organizations and Idea contacts data tables. For example, you may want to generate a report that looks at the number of organizations who voted for a particular idea, rather than the number of total votes. You can also use custom fields to segment your organizations and analyze each segment or cohort.

Custom customer segmentation reports can help you see which ideas have been requested most by certain types of organizations. For example, you can create an ideas list report joined to Idea organizations and filter organizations by their custom field values or use a pivot to count the total number of organizations on an idea.

To do this, navigate to the Reports section of your Aha! Ideas account (in Aha! Roadmaps, navigate to Roadmaps → Overview) and create a new report based on Ideas, then add in Idea organizations. Select the fields and filters you need, and create your report.

If you have created an organizations custom relationship field, you can use it as the basis of reports and (for Aha! Roadmaps customers) roadmaps. Try adding it to the features or strategic roadmaps to visualize what work you are delivering for customers.


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