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The weekly summary email highlights new ideas and comments from the past week so your portal users who may have missed them can stay updated and engaged. Enable the weekly summary email to encourage activity in your ideas portal and keep the discussion and idea-sharing alive.

ideas portal weekly summary email

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When enabled, portal users will receive the weekly summary email every Monday when there is at least one new idea or comment in your ideas portal for the previous week. The email will automatically be branded with your portal's logo and color. It is comprised of three sections:

  • My activity: Provides a summary of the portal user's activity in the previous week — their number of ideas, votes, and comments.

  • Portal activity: Provides a summary of all portal activity in the previous week — how many ideas, votes, and comments were added to the portal by all users.

  • Portal highlights: Shows the five most recent ideas and comments.

Portal users can click any idea featured in the email to navigate directly to it in your ideas portal, where they can engage and provide additional feedback. They can also customize the weekly summary email to focus on activity from the categories they are most interested in from their user profile settings. If they do not customize their category preferences, their weekly summary email will feature activity from all portal categories.

Portal users who do not wish to receive the weekly summary email can click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email at any time.

The weekly summary email will be disabled by default. If you are an account administrator you can enable it for your portal.


Enable the weekly summary email

From Ideas Overview, click the pencil icon by the name of the ideas portal for which you want to enable the weekly summary. Then navigate to Emails General Weekly summary and check the box next to Enable weekly summary email for portal users.

Once enabled, all portal users will be subscribed to the weekly summary email automatically and will begin receiving it the following Monday.

Because submit-only portal users can only see ideas that they have submitted, you cannot enable the weekly summary email for submit-only ideas portals.


Customize the weekly summary email

Portal users can update their preferences to cater their weekly summary email to their own interests from their user profile settings. When logged into your ideas portal, they can click their profile avatar or initials in the upper right corner of the ideas portal and click Edit profile. They will find the Weekly email summary section at the bottom of the page, where they can use the dropdown to select the categories that they prefer to see in their weekly summary. The email will also include a link to their user profile settings each week to make updating their preferences convenient.


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