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Account billing settings

Account-level settings affect your entire Aha! account, including all workspaces in your workspace hierarchy and all users.

This article will explain each account setting in the Billing section. You need to be an administrator with billing user permissions to access this section of the account settings.

Open your account settings by clicking on Settings ⚙️ → Account. Click any of the links below to skip ahead.


Billing → Users shows you a list of all users in your account — with sortable columns, filter dropdowns, and a search bar to help you find the exact user or type of user you're looking for.

Click on any user's name to edit their information, permissions, or administrator type. You can also Disable or Delete them.

  • Disabled users do not count as paid seats, and can be reactivated later. Disabling a user does not remove records they have created.

  • Deleted users are removed permanently from the list of users. Deleting a user does not remove records they have created.

Click the appropriate button to save your changes.

You can also edit your account users in bulk, the same way you would bulk edit records. Check one or more of the checkboxes besides your users, then click Bulk edit users to enable or disable those user(s), whether they should receive Aha! notifications, and workspaces they have permissions to access. Click Apply to apply your changes.

In the Permissions column, click any workspace or workspace line to navigate to that part of your account.


Custom roles (Enterprise+)

If you are an Enterprise+ Aha! user, you will see the Custom roles option next. Custom user roles allow you to create personalized, sophisticated roles for your users in your Aha! account who have access to either your account-level or workspace-level settings.



If you have a paid account, the Billing settings will allow you to review and adjust the financial aspects of your plan, such as your plan type, paid seat allocations, and invoices.

In this article, we will give a high-level view of these settings. For more detail, please see the articles in the Billing and users and Account plans sections of the knowledge base.

The Subscription section gives you a snapshot of your Aha! account subscription.

You can review your plan type, number of paid seats, number of paid seats in use, number of users of each type, and the date of your first invoice.

From here, click Manage users to move to the Billing → Users settings, or click Add or remove paid seats to open the Upgrade or downgrade modal and adjust the number of paid seats in your account. You can also cancel your subscription from this section.

The Billing information section is your billing profile. From here, you can adjust your Billing email where we will send your Aha! invoices or update your credit card information.

Paid seat groups, available for Enterprise+ customers, are an optional way to organize users in your account. If you are an administrator for a large account, you can use paid seat groups to ensure that no one group uses the seats that another group paid for.

Create a paid seat group, designate an owner, and set a maximum number of seats allowed in that group.

Depending on your plan type, account owners can always add reviewers or viewers. They will just need to talk to an account administrator if they max out the number of paid seats available to their group.

The Restrict user management setting provides an extra layer of control over your account.

When checked, the Restrict owners checkbox will keep owners who are not administrators or paid seat group owners from adding paid seats to your account. Click Update to save your changes.

Once you receive your first Aha! invoice, the Invoices section will start to populate.

You can see the most recent invoices sorted by date on this page. Click All invoices to see every invoice your account has received.

Click an invoice number to open it. From here, you can view, print, or download it as a PDF.

Click the Download button on the far right to download any invoice as a PDF.


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