Aha! Knowledge | Knowledge base branding

You can apply custom branding to make your knowledge base an extension of your brand — letting customers know they are in the right place.

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This article discusses functionality that is included in the Aha! Knowledge Advanced plan. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or want to try using it in your account.

Access branding settings

To apply custom branding to your knowledge base, access the Share menu from the parent document of your published knowledge base. Then navigate to Web Customization Settings Branding.


Choose a color

This color setting affects links and buttons in your knowledge base. Click the color icon to select a color or enter your own custom color using a hex code. You can also revert to the default Aha! Knowledge color if you need to.


Upload a favicon

Upload a favicon here. It must be .png, .gif, or .ico, and 16x16 pixels. Click Remove Favicon to remove your favicon.


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