How to share Aha! views externally

Your plans affect more people than just the users in your Aha! account. Whether you work closely with a development team or need to keep an executive stakeholder in the loop, you can share almost any page in Aha! with an external audience. Choose the option here that works best for you.

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Share your saved views as webpages

If a roadmap, report, or workspace note in Aha! communicates particularly well, you can save it as a view — and then share that view outside of your Aha! account as a webpage.

Note: Workspace notes do not have to be saved as views before they can be shared externally.

You can share your view-only webpage as a link, or embed it as an iframe. Either way, your webpage will stay in sync with your Aha! view, so that when you make changes in Aha!, they are reflected in your shared view.

Note: Administrators with account permissions can moderate any Aha! records shared as webpages by navigating to Settings ⚙️ → Account → Profile → External sharing. Here, they can delete a webpage, or generate a new URL.

If you would like to share records besides roadmaps, reports, or workspace notes, such as vision, strategic models, or personas, add them to a presentation.


Publish your presentation

Use Aha! presentations to gather many Aha! views in one asset that you can present to an audience or share as a slide deck. Once you have crafted the perfect collection of roadmaps, reports and strategy, you can publish your presentation as a secure webpage that you can either share or embed using iframes.

Presentations allow you to control the update method of each individual slide, so that a report showing your team's progress will update automatically, but a perfectly-crafted roadmap will only update when you tell it to.


Integrate Aha! with Confluence

If you want to collaborate with a team that relies on Atlassian Confluence, you can embed saved roadmaps, reports, and presentations into a Confluence page with our one-way integration. If you update the view in Aha!, your updates will be reflected in Confluence automatically.


Export an Aha! view

Finally, if you just need a static version of an Aha! view, you can export it. Click the Share menu in a view you would like to export, then select one of the following options:


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