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"Deliver value to customers." It is a worthy target but can also be an empty phrase. How do you really know the value of what you are building? If you use the product value scorecard, you have a good start. It gives you a consistent way to estimate the value of ideas and features at various stages in product development. Then once the work has shipped, you need a way to evaluate what was actually delivered.

The product value report helps show the impact of your efforts. Rather than rely on the volume of ideas captured or features shipped as a proxy metric for value, use this report to shift the conversation towards value-based product development.

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Filter your report

To access the report, navigate to Roadmaps Value. By default, your report looks at all active initiatives and releases for your currently selected workspace, and displays product value delivered during the current month. You can use the filters at the top of the report to adjust this.

  • Workspaces: Choose the workspace(s) you want to include in the report. Click on a workspace line to select all child workspaces of that line and display product value delivered for an entire portfolio.

  • Initiatives: Choose the initiative(s) you want to include in the report. Click on a workspace to select all initiatives in progress in that workspace, regardless of time frame.

  • Releases: Choose the release(s) you want to include in the report. Click on a workspace to select all active releases in that workspace, or scroll to include shipped releases or parking lots.

  • Time frame: Choose the time frame you want the report to focus on.


Value by delivery phase

Start with overview statistics. You can track product value delivered at four key development phases. Each delivery phase is a sum of product value scores for records that have entered into that phase during the given time frame.

  • Captured: The total value of ideas created

  • Added to roadmap: The value of epics and features of any status that were added to an active release

  • Work started: The value of epics and features that moved into the In progress status category

  • Delivered: The value of shipped epics and features.

Beside each value delivery total, you can also see a comparison to the delivery phase's total value in the previous time frame. This is helpful to track over time, and to answer questions such as:

  • Is your ideas portal capturing more high-value ideas?

  • Is your team working on the high value features that were added to the roadmap?

  • Is your team delivering more value to customers than they did before?

Click on any value delivered total to open pre-built list reports on all records included in that total.


Value delivered by group

The next section visualizes the Delivered phase over four panels:

Product value report showing the initiative and release panels of the value delivered section.

Hover over the bars in any chart to differentiate between features and epics delivered. Click on either features or epics in any bar to see a pre-built list report of those records, or click on View full reports at the bottom of the panel to see charts of the delivered product value, by record type.


Share your report

The product value report is an excellent resource for conversation and curiosity. Discuss it live, then share it with interested stakeholders:

  • Add a static view of your report to a whiteboard as an image.

  • To fold your report into a presentation, select Add to presentation. In your presentation you can select the report's update frequency.

  • To invite people outside of your Aha! Roadmaps account to view your report, select Share as webpage.

  • To schedule recurring email delivery of your report, select Schedule email delivery.

  • For a static version of your report, export your report to PNG image or PDF document.


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