Aha! Develop | How to run a 1-week trial with your dev team

We know you are busy — and you likely use some type of issue tracking tool already. We created this guide to connect you with the best features of Aha! Develop in one week, so you can decide quickly if Aha! Develop is a good fit for your team.

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Get started

Rally your team and commit to trying a small project or short sprint in Aha! Develop. The trial gives you everything you need in an agile development tool, and you can customize it further with extensions, such as Github, planning poker, or a dev tool importer.

You can also contact us for a quick demo. We do not have salespeople at Aha! — just product experts who respond quickly.


Set up your environment

Aha! Develop works great out of the box. But you can also customize it to align with how your development team already works.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Customize the terminology to match your team's preferred nomenclature. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Teams Terminology to do this.

  • Customize the statuses on the workflow board to match your team's workflow. Navigate to Work → Team board to do this.

  • Use existing one-click installation extensions to link your Aha! Develop trial with your GitHub repository.

  • Go a step further and add the GitHub attribute custom field to your custom layout.

Detailed view of user story in Aha! Develop showing GitHub and Figma extensions.

Are you enabling your Aha! Develop trial in an Aha! Roadmaps account? Great! Don't forget to create a team.


Invite your team

Have more fun with your trial — explore it with a couple teammates.

  1. Select a team to invite your teammates to.

  2. Click Add team member to invite your teammates.

  3. Consider giving them admin user permissions so that they can fully experience the trial. Once added, click on a team member's name to give them admin user permissions.

  4. Set up a team meeting to kick off your work together in Aha! Develop.


Start a small project

Now that you have invited your team, it is time to pick what the team will work on. Here are some ideas:

  • Focus on a short project that you can complete in a week.

  • Pull in a couple features that you want to assign in your next sprint.

  • Start the first week of a new project.

You can easily import your features one at a time through our importer extensions or simply start fresh by adding new features. If you are ready for it, you can even import a longer list via CSV.

Quickly find the user stories you want to import using filters, such as project, schedule state, and query.


Explore Aha! Develop

Time to get to work!

Do you plan in sprints?

Sprint planning board in Aha! Develop showing a sprint in progress.
  1. Set your sprints' default capacity planning units (story points or time) in your team settings.

  2. Kick off your team meeting from the sprint planning board at Plan → Sprint planning.

  3. Assign work to the team for that sprint.

  4. Start your sprint.

  5. The team can then move to the workflow board for their day-to-day and drag work across status columns to complete them.

Do you follow kanban?

Team kanban board in Aha! Develop showing work in progress.
  1. Start from the team workflow board at Work → Team board.

  2. Drag work to the user swimlanes to assign work.

  3. The team can then drag their work across status columns to complete them.

Do you follow SAFe®?

Program board in Aha! Develop showing dependency lines between records.
  1. Organize your teams into team lines.

  2. Create your first program increment.

  3. Use the program board for program increment planning.

  4. Optional: Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop work together for end-to-end SAFe configuration. Review our best practices for configuring your Aha! account to support SAFe.

Need some help or have a feature request? Feel free to reach out to our team of product experts and developers. We would love to help out.


Make a decision

How did it go?

  1. Great! Move your next sprint or project into Aha! Develop and continue your trial. Check out this article on how to import all of your data.

  2. It's not what we need right now. No worries! We understand that Aha! Develop might not be a fit for you right now. As your needs change, we would be happy to help your team quickly get up to speed.


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