Aha! Roadmaps + Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Stay on top of your work deadlines

Integrating Aha! with your Outlook Calendar makes it easy to see to-dos and other important work items alongside scheduled meetings. Aha! records will appear as all-day events on your calendar. Each event includes a link back to the Aha! so you can jump in and get work done. This gives you a complete picture of what you need to get done each day — so you can be your productive best.

Generate a calendar URL for saved calendar reports and to-dos.
Visualize your to-dos and key dates in your Outlook calendar.
Manage, review, and revoke your own calendar URLs in personal settings.

Bring your work dates together

Visualizing when work is due helps you better plan your time. First, create a calendar report in Aha! and filter it to include the items you want. Then, generate a calendar URL and add it to your Outlook calendar. You can add upcoming to-dos by generating a calendar URL directly from your My work page in Aha! Once synced, you will be able to view all your tasks, meetings, and appointments in one place.

Organize your day

Now you can look ahead and see what needs to be accomplished each day. Any changes made in Aha! will automatically show in your Outlook calendar. Click the link in each event to to see more details about a work item and check those tasks off your list of to-dos. Complete your work on time and be happy.